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here is the elimination of the third episode of the Maria De Filippi talent show


Third appointment of the talent show of Maria De Filippi

The third episode of the Evening of Friends 18 it opened with the entry into the studio of Maria De Filippi who introduced the students of both teams. Immediately after he realized the usual interview with obligation and truth to the two artistic directors: Ricky Martin and Vittorio Grigolo. We go to see all the races, the guests' performance, or the three boys of The Flight and the bet elimination. (Continue after photo)

Friends 2019: the races of the first race

Maria De Filippi has read the decision of the production: ok to the televoting for the first run, not to the exclusion of office of Jefeo from the first run. Then there was the first test: prohibitive, wanted by the Berte for all the singers. Which they won't be able to use autotuning. Jefeo clashed against each other Mameli. Jefeo sang Sei bellissima. Bertè commented:

"You're out of tune, you sang listlessly. A disaster".

Then there was a squabble between Mameli and the judge. Victory went to the Blue singer. Second round: Umberto vs Valentina, styles compared. Umberto triumphed, 1-1. Third test: Tim, Tish versus Giordana. Fourth round of Friends 18: Vincenzo and Rafael. New test, Mameli against the young tenor Alberto Urso.

First round won by the white team (thanks to Giordana's victory in the third round). Vittorio Grigolo bet on the Sicilian dancer Vincenzo, getting 90% of the votes, so he saved himself. Eventually Loredana Bertè sent Jefeo out.

Friends 2019: the races of the second race

Second test: Giordana-Mameli against Tish. Now the committee is voting. Tish has duet with Ornella Vanoni. Giordana and Mameli sang with The flight. The race was won by the Blu singer. Third test: Umberto against Alberto. Alberto won, 2 to 0 for the blues. Third trial: Rafael against Vincenzo. It was a gauntlet launched by the white dancer.

In the last Alvis against Valentina. He won, 2-1 for the blues. New mechanism to determine the elimination of the second run. Ricky Martin can choose a single test that determines the winner of the race, choosing Giordana. While Grigolo a Vincenzo. The second race (thanks to the last single test) was won by whites and Vittorio bet on Alberto, winning. So the comic piece with Pio and Amedeo.


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