Here is THE most common reason for friendly break-up of all, according to science

You are not taught it: Maintaining friendships is essential for good mental health. Regardless of age, we all need friends to count on!

A friendship story between two people can span many years and sometimes even last a lifetime. Over time: it evolves, becomes stronger, becomes more fragile … And may even end up breaking definitively in certain cases.

It is clear that friendly relations can sometimes be compared to real love stories … Just like breakups, friendly breakups also exist!

Money is the most common reason for break-up

A study, carried out in 2018 by the British firm Expert Market, looked at the most frequent reason for a friendly break-up. And here is what was concluded …

More often than not, it would be money that puts an end to friendship stories! And by money, we mean above all the differences in lifestyle and in the way people spend their money. These are two factors that are found mainly at the heart of friendly breakups!

Friendship and income gaps

In fact, out of 1,000 people who took part in this survey, half said they were forced to refuse certain activities for lack of funds. Faced with this, many admitted to preferring to hang out with friends capable of assuming the same pace of life (and expenses) as them.

It is therefore obvious that a significant income gap between two friends can shake the relationship and be a source of many tensions … This is explained, among other things, by the fact that this situation severely limits the moments of sharing and favors a gap between the two. friends… Sometimes even ending up with a friendly break-up!

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