here is the nail art for Christmas 2021

His name is nail art and this is what differentiates a simple layer of enamel from a true work of art. If you too like to always have your nails manicured and during the Christmas holidays, you would like your hands to be themed too, follow our advice on the trends of this Natale 2021. Here are 5 Christmas nail art ideas designed for you, between glasseshints of red and irresistible decorations.

With decorative balls

Nail art de @heygreatnails

Inspired by the Kyle Jenner nail artthis proposal from @heygreatnails is definitely more Christmas thanks to the rouge with which the French manicure. The particular detail: the bead applicationslike those of the Christmas tree. The page of this nail artist offers many other ideas: there is also the version without pearl applications, with the French manicure of the ring finger which turns into the iconic Santa Claus hat.

With snowflakes

Nail art the @vwnails_

In terms of nail art, for Christmas the Color protagonsita is definitely the rougewhich comes in the most imaginative way. Artist @vwnails_ has reproduced some really awesome nail art that consists of three main elements: nail polish red with glitter for the thumb and the little finger, a simple French manicure with a red and white cross for the index and middle finger and finally for the ring finger a decoration of snowflakes on the red spangled enamel.

The icy manicure

Nail art the @gelsbybry

Not only gold glitter, but also silver shades. This manicure by @gelsbybry is the perfect nail art for a Christmas spent in the snow: note the white snowflake which adorns the ring finger, framed by the other four nails painted in a different way: plain silver sequins, with white or silver French, and with application of the “CD” logo.

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With the marzipan cookie

Nail art the @overglowedit

For the holidays @overglowedit makes a not at all trivial proposal that exhales through me Christmas symbols we like: like the brown and gold checkerboard reminiscent of packets present or the two little ones marzipan cookiesknown in the United States as “ginger bread”. The rest of the manicure consists of French and solid colors.

Art angles di @iramshelton

To conclude the overview of Christmas nails, this romantic proposal from @iramshelton made with nail polishes from Gucci Beauty e Max factor. The final effect is quite sober, with small details that stand out on a light manicure: dorate english or red and a little heart surrounded by a golden border.