here is the new calendar and the increases

Pensions, the payment dates change. With the overcoming of the state of emergency for Covid-19, the normal check payment schedule scheduled for the first day of the month will be restored as it did before the outbreak of the pandemic.


With the end of the state of emergency for Covid-19 from March 31st, Poste Italiane announces that starting from April the normal pension payment calendar will be restored. For pensioners who hold a savings book, a BancoPosta account or a Postepay Evolution, pensions will be credited again regularly from the first day of the month, therefore from 1 April. Furthermore, starting from the same day, holders of a Postamat card, Carta Libretto or Postepay Evolution will be able to withdraw their pension in cash from the 8000 Postamat ATMs in Italy, without having to go to the counter.


All those who intend to collect their pension in cash at the counter can go to one of the 12,800 post offices throughout the country from 1 to 6 April, preferably according to the alphabetical rotation posted outside each post office. For more information, please visit the website or contact the toll-free number 800003322.


After last year’s stop, the revaluation of checks has already returned from 1 January 2022. Furthermore, with the IRPEF cut for income from work and retirement, the treatments above 15 thousand euros gross a year have already had a further increase since March. The cut launched this year provides that the first rate (up to 15 thousand euros gross) remains unchanged at 23 percent. That of 27 per cent, which goes from 15,000 to 28,000 euros, drops to 25, while the subsequent 38 per cent drops to 35 and applies up to 50,000 euros, a threshold beyond which the 43 percent withdrawal is triggered. (the 41% rate is eliminated).

The gain due to the cut in tax rates will progressively grow to a peak of around 50,000 euros of income and then decrease again. Up to 15 thousand there are only the effects of the revaluation (about 200 euros maximum). Going up to 20 thousand euros of gross pension per year, the increase reaches a total of 344 euros, while to 40 thousand euros the increase goes up to 1,016 euros. Then it grows again taking advantage of the drop in tax rates and reaches around 1,330 euros for an income of around 50,000 euros gross. The benefit due to the tax cut is then reduced to the fixed amount of 270 euros, while the revaluation obviously varies according to the amount of the pension.

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The decree of the Ministry of Economy with the revaluation rate of pension allowances was published last November 26 in the Official Gazette. Due to the sharp surge in inflation in recent months, the value of the increase was set at 1.7%, after pensions in 2021 had not been adjusted to the high cost of living given that the previous year prices had marked a negative trend (the adjustment cannot be negative in any case). For the first two months of the year, however, the recognized revaluation was 1.6%. In fact, to ensure the renewal of pensions in time for 2022 and make possible the first payment in January with the amounts already revalued, it used the equalization index available as of October 15, 2022, as elaborated by the General Statistical Coordination actuarial, equal to 1.6%. Already in March, the equalization has instead risen to 1.7% established by the government decree and with the pension of last month the unpaid portion in January and February was also paid.


It is also possible that the provisional revaluation percentage, which is established on the basis of price developments in the first nine months of last year, may be a little lower than the actual one, given the progressive growth in inflation recorded in the last few months. months. The missing share will then be recovered in 2023.


This time, however, the equalization of pensions (as the revaluation is technically defined) will be able to take advantage of a more advantageous calculation mechanism in recent years: the increase will in fact be applied entirely to the pension range which reaches 4 times the minimum INPS (26,680 euros per gross year), 90 per cent on the range from 4 to 5 times and 75% over 5 times (i.e. above 33,475 euros gross per year).

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