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here is the photo of the boy

Chiara Ferragni
Chiara Ferragni

Does Chiara Ferragni have a younger brother?

A few hours ago Chiara Ferragni he said something unexpected by attracting media attention to himself. Apparently in the Ferragni family there are no three sisters including the fashion blogger, now it seems to add a brother.

Fedez's wife posted a story on Instagram showing the existence of a boy who seems to be the youngest brother in the Cremona area. With the latter there is the small one Leone Lucia playing with his uncle. Down payment in question the popular influencer wrote this message in English:

"Leo play with my brother", or "Leo who plays with my brother".

Chiara Ferragni shows her little brother

Naturally the news of the presence of a little brother in the life of Chiara Ferragni, has triggered the curiosity of its millions of followers. The latter, in fact, rushed up Instagram and under the photo in question have asked the fashion blogger if he really is a kid is part of Ferragni family.

"I didn't know you had a brother; "On the hands who wants to know more about Chiara's brother!",

these are just two of the thousands of messages of the same kind.

Whose child is the blond child?

Immediately after spreading to the mark of oil the presence of a fourth Ferragni, the news also passed on TwitterIn fact, many users have wondered if it is an influencer game or if really that child is the cognate of Fedez and uncle of Leone Lucia.

For the moment no reply has arrived from the interested party and the followers continue to taunt her with questions to find out the truth. In short the news has become viral going around the web in a few hours. But whose son would this blond boy be? The most plausible thesis is that it is the youngest child dthe Marco Ferragni, parent of Chiara and the other two sisters. In fact, in the early 2000s, man separated from his wife Marina Di Guardo and most likely a new family has been rebuilt. Meanwhile, little Leone is having fun with his uncle.


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