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The Quirinale has started selling wild boars. Live naturally. This is not a joke: since these animals – as the Time – now circulate freely in Rome, the Colle is looking for buyers of wild boars thanks to a public auction notice, “In the context of wildlife containment operations for the purpose of environmental rebalancing”. “The auction relates to the sale of live wild boars (small, sub-adult and adult specimens) captured starting from August 1, 2021 within the Castelporziano Estate”, reads the note issued by the administration of the Presidency of the Republic led by Sergio Mattarella.

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At the end of the auction, an annual contract will be stipulated with the successful bidder, renewable for a further year at the same prices, agreements and conditions, concerning the sale of live wild boars captured in the Estate during the period of shared delivery. contractual duration. ”But how many wild boars are captured? “the average number of catches in the last six seasons is 852 head per year”.

And what about the prices? Also from this point of view there is great precision on the part of the Colle: adult male and female specimens “cost” 110 euros each; the so-called “red” sub-adults of both sexes, born in 2020, 60 euros. For the little ones called “striated” both males and females, born in the year 2021 and already weaned, 8 euros. Those who want to participate in the auction have until next July 8.

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