here is the situation in your town this Friday

Belgium has passed the milestone of 10,000 new daily Covid-19 infections with an average of 10,454 cases, according to Friday morning the update of provisional figures communicated by the Sciensano Public Health Institute.

The average number of new daily infections continues to increase and now stands at 10,454 cases (+ 69%) between October 13 and 19. During this period, the virus killed more than 35 (+13) on average per day. A total of 3,649 patients are currently hospitalized in Belgium for Covid-19 (+ 11%) and 573 are treated in intensive care (+ 9%).

Between October 16 and 22, hospitalizations therefore continued to increase, with an average of 350 daily admissions (+ 82%). Since the start of the epidemic in Belgium, 270,132 people have tested positive for Covid-19 and 10,588 have died. The test positivity rate, i.e. the proportion of positive people out of all those tested, has now reached 16.6% nationally.

In order to curb the spread of the coronavirus, new measures were announced this Friday morning by the consultation committee. But what about the situation at home? In our map and our table below, you can find the number of cases that have been identified yesterday and since the start of the epidemic in your town

In addition, here is an additional map with the number of cases identified since the start of the school year (September 1).

All new measures

The Concertation Committee has taken a series of measures to combat corona in sports, cultural events and (higher) education, in accordance with alert level 4.

Stricter rules are essential to unload hospitals, avoid having to close all schools, prevent a shutdown of the entire economy and not isolate too many citizens because of general confinement.

Here are the additional measures to combat corona:

Sport events :

all professional sports competitions indoors and outdoors take place without an audience. All amateur competitions are suspended. Competitions for young people up to the age of 18 are still allowed, but only family members can attend. It remains forbidden to sell or consume food and drink.

Higher Education

the occupancy rate of the premises drops to a maximum of 20% with the obligation to wear a mask, except for practical work where this is not possible. This rule is not applicable to first year students.

Indoor events and activities (cultural, religious, educational, associative)
a maximum of 40 people are authorized if there are sufficient guarantees that the organization allows compliance with the rules to fight against the coronavirus, and a maximum of 200 people if the rule of 1.5 meters is respected and the wearing of the mask. The sale of food and drink is prohibited.

Public transport
each authority ensures, within the framework of its powers, that the capacity of public transport is optimized in order to avoid any overcrowding.

Amusement parks

are temporarily closed.

Animal parks:

interior spaces are closed to the public; it is forbidden to sell or consume food and drink.

Teleworking remains the rule.

It was decided with the employers’ federations to set up a monitoring system aimed at empowering people, in order to apply the rule of teleworking as soon as possible.

In view of the urgency of the situation, these rules come into force directly and will be applicable as of their publication, on Friday October 23, 2020. The rules will remain in force until November 19, 2020 inclusive, with an interim evaluation after two weeks.

The Consultative Committee also wishes to recall the rules for alert level 4 which have already been in force since Monday, October 19:

Close contacts

are limited to 1 person maximum.

Private gatherings

are limited to 4 people for two weeks, always the same.

Gatherings on public roads
are limited to a maximum of 4 people.

Small-scale markets and fairs remain open,

but the consumption of food and drink is prohibited. Flea markets, flea markets and small Christmas markets are prohibited.

Cafes and restaurants will be closed.

This measure is valid for a period of four weeks and will be evaluated after two weeks. On-site takeaway collection remains possible until 10 p.m. Receptions and banquets organized by a caterer or professional catering service are prohibited, except in hotels for clients staying there and funeral receptions (maximum 40 people).

The nightshops must close at 10 p.m.

The sale of alcohol is prohibited from 8 p.m.

Prohibition to be on public roads between 24h00 and 05h00
except for essential and non-postponable trips, such as trips for urgent medical reasons, business trips and the trip between home and work.