Here is where Calenda’s candidates were decisive in handing over the seat to the right: the center-left would have 13 more elected representatives (and Meloni a thinner majority)

Eleven deputies e two senators more. Thus would (perhaps) change the numbers for the coalition of center left without the “competition” of the list Live action-Italythe result of which was decisive for the center-right to win at least 13 single-member colleges. The best known case is that of the U02 college of Lazio in the Senate (Rome Municipio XIV) in which Emma Bonino he lost by just 17,000 votes to the pro-life candidate of the Brothers of Italy Lavinia Mennuniwhile Carlo Calenda it has collected 77 thousand. But between the two coalitions the gap is also reduced in many colleges of the former red regions, Emilia Romagna e Tuscany, which the centrists gave to the right (also because, according to the electoral flows, over a third of the calendian-Renzian votes come from the Democratic Party). If all those seats in the balance had gone to the center-left, the majority that the next government will enjoy would be much smaller: 23 deputies instead of 34, 9 senators instead of 11. Let’s see in detail where the presence of Calenda’s list made the difference between victory and defeat.

Emilia Romagna – In the region that has assigned more single-member constituencies to the center-left, in three cases the coalition has lost the challenge to the Chamber by very little: the most sensational is that of Ravenna (college U08), in which Ouidad Bakkali36-year-old deputy secretary of the Democratic Party and president of the city council, lost his seat by only 47 votes against the city councilor of FdI Alice Buonguerrieri. Here the candidate of Renzi and Calenda Chiara Francesconi received 17,666 consents, 8.72%. The college of Modena (U04), lost by the laborers’ unionist Aboubakar Soumahoro against the lawyer Daniela Dondiby Fratelli d’Italia: here the difference was less than four thousand votes, while the Renzi-Calenda list, with Claudia Cicolani, took 24,626 (9.66%). Finally, in Forlì (college U10) the 17,794 obtained by Luca Ferrini of Action are much more than the 12 thousand that separate the elected The glory of Saccani (outgoing deputy of Forza Italia) by the challenger Massimo Bulbi (Pd). It should be noted that both Bakkali and Soumahoro were still elected, being candidates also in the multi-member constituencies. But if they had won the uninominal, another candidate from their respective proportional lists would have entered their place, increasing the elected members of the coalition.

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Tuscany – Even in Tuscany, three colleges of the Chamber in the balance ended up in the center-right with the decisive help of Calenda. TO Prato (college U06) the outgoing deputy of Forza Italia Erica Mazzetti reconfirmed the seat with 40.42%, trailing 33.59% of the senator Pd by seven points Tommaso Nanniciniwhile the centrist candidate Edoardo Fanucci took 9.84%. Ditto a Grosseto (college U01), where 9.13% of Stefano Scaramelli it would have been more than enough to bridge the gap between the former center-left governor Enrico Rossi (33.89%) and another Rossi, the center-right candidate Fabrizio (40.73%). But the biggest regrets are in Livorno (U05 college): the outgoing Pd deputy Andrea Romano lost by 2,500 votes against the municipal councilor of Cecina Chiara Tenerini (Fi), while the calendiano Alessandro Cosimi it reaches 11,233 (6.73%).

Lazio – In the Senate, in addition to the college lost by Emma Boninothe center-left also gives the Town hall 7 from Roma (Lazio 1 – U04), the famous college that Monica Cirinnà he had initially refused, giving it up for lost (and “not suited” to his themes). The senator godmother of the law on civil unions remained seven points behind the center-right candidate Ester Mieli (30.94% vs 37.49%), but without the 9.94% collected by Action / Italia viva he could have done it. In the Chamber, however, the regrets are for the college of Rome Town Hall III (Lazio 1 – U02), won by only four thousand votes by Simonetta Matone (center right) against Enzo Foschi (center left), with the centrist Fabio Dionisi at 18 thousand. But also for the Lazio 1 – U06 college (Municipality XI), in which Luciano Ciocchetti (Fdi) staggers by 11 thousand votes Claudio Mancini (Pd), e Francesca Severi (Az-Iv) ne prende 16mila.

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Piedmont, Lombardy and Liguria – A college lost for a short time by the center-left also in Piedmont. U02 of the Chamber (Turin district 3) Augusta Montaruli by Fratelli d’Italia check the photo finish on Stefano Lepri of the Democratic Party for only five hundred votes (68,367 vs 67,297), a result that would have been different if even a small part of the 16,169 votes of Maria Chiara Agate had gone to the alliance led by the Democratic Party. In Milan, in the Lombardia 1 – UO8 college (Milano Bande Nere) the distance between Christina Rossello of the center-right e Gianfranco Librandi of the center left is less than two thousand votes, a tenth of those remedied by Francesco Ascioti (23,152). Finally, in Liguria, the councilor of the Toti junta Ilaria Cavo wins the seat of the Camera di Genova Ponente with a gap of less than five thousand votes from the dem Katia Piccardowhile the councilor of the Bucci junta Mauro Avvenente (in Italy alive) takes 9,114.