Here’s the 2023 PPPK Teacher Selection Mechanism, P1 Without Placement Can Be Happy

The Director General of GTK at the Ministry of Education and Culture, Nunuk Suryani, revealed the selection mechanism for the 2023 PPPK Teachers. Photo Mesya/, JAKARTA – The Director General of Education Personnel Teachers (GTK) of the Ministry of Education and Culture Nunuk Suryani revealed that the total need for 2023 PPPK teachers is 601,286.

In addition, the government plans to complete 62,645 passing grade (PG) or priority one (P1) teachers who did not get the 2022 PPPK placement this year.

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“There are quite a lot of needs for PPPK teachers this year, so P1, which has not been accommodated in the 2022 PPPK, will be completed this year,” explained Director General Nunuk in a discussion with the Education Journalists Forum (Fortadik) in Jakarta, Tuesday (21/3) evening.

He revealed that the PPPK selection for teachers would be carried out as soon as possible, bearing in mind that the 2022 PPPK teacher NIP filing process would start from April to May 2023.

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With the completion of the PPPK 2022 recruitment process, new procurement can begin.

Director General Nunuk revealed that his party had been asked about PermenPAN-RB Number 20 of 2022 concerning Procurement of PPPK in regional agencies for the 2023 fiscal year.

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Can it still be used as a reference for the 2023 PPPK teacher selection or will it be replaced with a new one?

If a new PermenPAN-RB is made, said Nunuk, the time will automatically be longer, thus affecting the recruitment schedule.

“We think that if a new PermenPAN-RB is made it will take a long time. I was informed that the selection was opened. October and that took too long,” he explained.

To accelerate PPPK 2023 recruitment, added Director General Nunuk, PermenPAN-RB 20/2022 has not been changed.

This means that the selection for 2023 PPPK teachers uses regulations that are used like the 2022 selection.

How is the PPPK selection mechanism for 2023 teachers, Director General Nunuk conveyed that there are three ways, namely;

1. Selection of teacher placements pass PG or P1

Placement of teachers who have passed the PG at the 2021 selection in their respective places of duty or in education units that need them.

The participants were teachers who passed PG in the 2021 PPPK selection, namely honorary K2, non-ASN teachers at public schools, graduates from professional teacher education (PPG), and private teachers.

2. Selection of suitability/verification

This selection is carried out by considering where the pedagogic, social, and personality professional competencies are.

The participants were K2 honorary teachers, state honorary teachers with a minimum working period of 3 years.

3. Test selection

The test selection was carried out by considering the managerial and socio-cultural competency dimensions.

The participants are state honorary teachers for at least three years and are recorded at Dapodik, PPG graduates, private honorary teachers, registered at Dapodik.

“For P1 without being tested again, while P2 and P3 I don’t know, because they weren’t tested for technical and managerial competence. They were only observed and the local government made the rankings,” he said.

Director General Nunuk appealed to P1 teachers to prepare for the selection which is predicted to start in mid-2023. (esy/jpnn)

Editor : Elvi Robiatul
Reporter : Mesyia Muhammad