Here’s the best iOS 15 feature. Impressions after 24 hours

It may seem that the above-described scenarios are like a fingerprint, but with our growing dependence on smartphones / applications / services, our level of commitment and internal need to respond to notifications also increases. If we get more of them than the average smartphone user, the new modes will be a godsend for many iPhone owners.

We are testing Dolby Atmos surround sound in Apple Music. Is that what the future is like?

After 24 hours with iOS 15, I appreciated these settings so much that I am not going to give up the beta until the fall premiere. Yes, adjusting all settings to your own needs will take a long time, but the effects are immediately noticeable. The hour spent reading the book passed very quickly, I did not miss any important notification, and the less important ones were waiting for me on the lock screen in the form of a summary.

iOS 15 is a facelift that could be called iOS 14.7

iOS 15 is not only about changing the rules of operation and redesigning notifications, but also a new Safari interface, where the address bar has been moved to the bottom of the screen and the ability to switch between tabs using a horizontal gesture performed in the address bar (let’s thank the competition for this idea). For iMessage users, the wonderful news will be to stack up a few transferred photos instead of displaying them one above the other.

Only Apple can be a ALL-inclusive corporation

Unfortunately, the rest of the news does not significantly affect the use of the iPhone – if it were, I would have noticed it after 24 hours. The rest of the novelties are either barely noticeable or you need to know about them to start using them. It’s a pity that Live Text (text recognition in photos with copying) only supports 7 languages ​​and Polish is not on this list. The next weeks and months is the time of testing iOS 15, because, as I mentioned, there may be larger or smaller changes, and we will certainly inform you about them.

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