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Here's the free and discounted material you can get on election day

After taking part in elections on this election day, you may be able to get some free offers.

Restaurants, transport companies and other companies encourage voters to choose by offering discounts or free products.

But if customers ask for a proof of vote such as an "I Voted" sticker, they may not be legal, experts say. When federal candidates stand for election, it is illegal to pay or pay others to register for voting or for actual voting, according to the National Restaurant News, a trade journal.

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But this has not stopped some companies, especially those who circumvent this law by offering discounts or free products to anyone who asks, not just those who say they have voted.

If you want to take advantage of these one-day deals, you can do the following:

Food in the USA

Pizza to the Polls sends free pizza from local suppliers to polling stations.

Shake Shack is offers free French fries with every purchaseby either showing your ballot in a store or typing the code "ivoted" in the restaurant's app.

Jenis Splendid Ice Creams will give you a free supplement on election day in stores.

See: Why Patagonia and Jenis Splendid Ice Creams really want you to vote in the midterm elections on Tuesday

The Californian tortilla chain will give way free chips and queso in his storesif you show a ballot or tell the cashier that you have voted.

Potbelly, the sandwich chain, will give way a free cookie with any main course,

Stumptown Coffee gives free cash to those who campaigned on November 6th, assisting voter registration, or volunteering in the polls.

Baked by Melissa, the cupcake shop, there is a 10% discount on election day.

Bobo's, a Colorado-based oat bar company, There are free bars for those who mark the brand in social media.

And the chain Corner Bakery Cafe is offers free coffee for those who come with stickers in the shops and show that they have chosen.

Regional food offers

There are probably also deals in local restaurants near you. For example, in Miami you can use free mojitos and mini-daiquiris after you have voted, while in Philadelphia you can buy a free mini-budino (a dessert item), among other things.

Birch Coffee in New York offers Drink free coffee to the voters and The Roasterie in Kansas CityMo. is too.


Do you need a ride to vote? There are offers from Over, Lyft, Motivate (a company that operates bicycle stock programs in cities such as Chicago, New York, Boston and San Francisco) as well as public transportation in cities including Kansas City, los Angeles and Albuquerque, N.M.

Clothing and cosmetics

Also check with your preferred retailer.

Some, like Everlane and ModCloth, have changed their hours or are closed to give their employees and buyers more time to take part in the surveys. But others, like Tarte Cosmeticsoffer election day offers.



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