Here’s why ex-NFL star JJ Watt didn’t choose hockey

Recognized as one of the best defensive players of his time in the NFL, American JJ Watt explained why he preferred cleats to skates when he was young.

The former member of the Houston Texans and Arizona Cardinals played his last season on the Goodell circuit in 2022.

Despite his glorious career in professional football, Watt and his younger brother, TJ, have never hidden their love for hockey. JJ Watt has also befriended another former Wisconsin Badgers, Cole Caufield.

The 33-year-old Watt was asked by a netizen about his decision to get involved in football during his youth.

“My great-uncle trained you and your brother a very long time ago. He told me that you both had the talent to turn professional, but your mother thought football was safer,” wrote Twitter user Tyler Kiel.

“Safer ? No. Cheaper ? Yes, answered the one who participated five times in the game of the Pro Bowl. The biggest barrier to hockey is the cost associated with it.

“Soccer is the most popular sport on the planet largely because it only requires a ball. Hockey equipment is expensive. Children grow and often need to change size, ice time is rare, etc.

We can never know if the Watt brothers could have really made a career in the National Hockey League, but they certainly did not regret their decision. JJ has earned close to $130 million in salary during his career, while TJ, who is still active, pocketed almost $70 million.