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Here's why Kendall Jenner wants to go for a day in Beyoncé's shoes

Who rules the world? Girl Who is leading the New York Fashion Week? Maybe it is like that Kendall Jenner,

It was a few busy days for the Maintained with the Kardashians Star as she travels around the Big Apple.

But when she attended the Stuart Weitzman Spring Celebration 2019 event on Tuesday night, the 23-year-old was asked which shoes she wanted to go metaphorical.

"Could be Beyoncé for a day. How nice would that be? ", She said to E! News. Zanna Roberts Rassi exclusively. "It would be so funny and exciting … a lot of work."

Whose shoes she would like to borrow, keeps Kendall in the family.

When asked if he should choose a cabinet to attack, the supermodel could not decide between two famous sisters.

"I think it would be a fight between maybe Kim and Khloe, Kim has a wonderful collection of Yeezy [shoes] nobody has. When they come out, I usually get them, but they have those that are not out yet, "Kendall admitted. There is so much that I would have stolen from everyone. "

Shoes aside, Kendall next door Willow Smith, Yang Mi and Jean Campbell are the latest campaign stars for Stuart Weitzman. At the beginning of this week, fans have found the campaign on Kendall's Instagram.

"We had so much fun, I think we put together those little weird steps and we had a lot of fun," explained Kendall. "On the set we were just so cool."

When New York Fashion Week comes to an end, the focus will soon be on it Valentine's Day, Kendall admitted that she did not know what her plans would be, but she could share her ideal way of celebrating.

"I'm a time person, so everything I do, hang out with somebody, I'm cool with it," she explained.

Take notes, gentlemen!

Watch the premiere of Season 16 Maintained with the Kardashians Sunday, March 31st at 9pm, only on E!


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