Herisauer Nachrichten – Parliament: Budget and Jubilee Loan

03.12.2022 00:00

Pre-advisory commission requests half as much as the city council for the anniversary year

The Gossau city parliament will discuss the 2023 budget for the municipal utilities and the municipal budget next Tuesday, December 6th. The loan for the city’s anniversary in 2024 is also on the agenda.

Parliament A positive overall result of CHF 658,000 is estimated in the city budget. The operating result of around minus 4.4 million can be absorbed by withdrawing 4.76 million francs from the revaluation reserve. The investment calculation includes tax-financed net investments of CHF 18.8 million, a good half of which is for the world of sports. In addition to the estimates, the city council is requesting a cost-of-living allowance of 1.7 percent for city staff. The Stadtwerke budget operating income of 51.2 million francs, an operating result of 3.5 million francs and an income surplus of 243,750 francs. The investment calculation provides for net investments of twelve million Swiss francs, of which probably a good sixty percent can actually be realised.

1.2 million for anniversary 2024?

The city council is applying for a loan of almost 2.4 million for activities in the anniversary year 2024. The council sees its compilation as a “menu” from which parliament can choose what it considers useful for Gossau. The preliminary advisory commission chaired by Werner Bischofberger (SP) is applying for a loan of 1.2 million Swiss francs for five of its own projects and the support of third-party projects. A festival weekend is to be held with a reduced budget. Border hikes and themed city tours are also to take place. In the public vote, a tree-planting campaign took first place. The VBK proposes that trees and seating be realized at twelve locations in Gossau. In addition, the VBK would like a Gossau wiki to be created with the description of important buildings. The City Council did not prioritize this project. Almost CHF 1.15 million is earmarked for the company’s own projects. Various third-party events are to be supported with 9,000 francs in terms of communication. And the national championship for hot-air balloon drivers planned for May 2024 in Gossau should receive a contribution of 43,000 francs.

Building rights for investors project

In an investor competition, Mettler2Invest AG was selected as the developer for two apartment buildings on the city-owned property on the corner of Bischofszellerstrasse and Nelkenstrasse. Two four-storey wooden apartment buildings with a total of 37 residential units are planned. However, the city will not sell the land, but will make it available for a hundred years with building rights. Based on a land value of almost six million francs, the city receives annual building lease interest of at least almost 134,000 francs. The pre-advisory commission requests that Parliament confirm this building lease agreement.

The parliamentary session next Tuesday, December 6th, at 6 p.m. in the Fürstenlandsaal is open to the public. The meeting documents are available at Further information on the Gossau city parliament is also available there. ⋌talk