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Heritage Lotto, back on a popular success

Do better than last year. It was with this challenge that Stéphane Bern took over the necklace to carry the second edition of the Heritage Lottery. The operation "Heritage Mission" – which supports the action of the organizer for heritage at risk entrusted by the President of the Republic – now enjoys a prolonged media exposure. The draw game was advanced before the big holidays and will end with a great draw, Sunday, July 14th. The scratching game will be launched in September around Heritage Days.

At its first edition in 2018, the Loto Heritage attracted 2.8 million French and collected 22 million euros, more than the initial target of 15 to 20 million euros that the French games was fixed. In 2019, 25 to 30 million euros are expected.

123 shipyards launched

Of the 270 sites elected in 2018, 123 projects have started, according to the Heritage Foundation. This action is not only indebted to Lotto, since the files had to be sufficiently advanced, financially as architectural studies, to be eligible.

Heritage Loto settles into the landscape

" We received € 13,000 from the Loto, unlocked quickly and in full, and we started the work last March ", rejoices Christine Hellin, president of a local association supporting the restoration of the Abbey of Etanche, founded in the twelfth century, near the village of Deuxnouds-aux-Bois, in the Meuse. "With a budget of € 300,000, 40% financed by the State, 20% by the region and 16% by the department, the help of the Heritage Lottery was not necessarily decisive, but it allowed us to complete our tour of the table more quickly. This is the icing on the cake ! "

The State put to contribution

Is it fresh money for heritage? Yes, undeniably, but it is on the part that the State usually levies on the sums put that this manna is punctured. It deprives itself of resources for the benefit of the Heritage Foundation, a non-profit private law organization and prime contractor for the "Mission Bern". However, the more players there are, the more "new" money arrives at the bedside of the old stones …

On the public finance side, the Heritage Lotto also had a ripple effect. After the standoff between Stéphane Bern and Bercy last autumn, the Ministry of Culture has decided to offset the share of compulsory levies and social on the game. The Rue de Valois has unlocked an additional 21 million euros for the benefit of the heritage, of which 14 million went back to the projects of the Bern mission. "If you look at it, the department has actually released frozen credits"Jean-Paul Ciret, co-chair of the Culture Commission of the Jean-Jaurès Foundation. "The projects supported by the Bern mission have received more from the state … but it is to the detriment of other sites! "

Heritage Lotto Year 2, the list of selected sites

For this observer, the Loto Heritage should put more to the contribution of the French games and the players themselves, to be really effective. "For the moment, it is always on the part of the State that the money is taken," regrets there. A critique that nuance Françoise Benhamou, economist specializing in cultural issues. "In terms of heritage, it is always good to force the hand of the state a bit, which tends to push back this expense, that it never judges urgent enough", she says. However, she suggests looking at Italy and Great Britain. "Over there, it's a percentage of all gambling that's allocated to heritage "She says.

A mobilizing media effect

One thing is sure, beyond the accounting lines, no one disputes the Loto heritage its mobilizing effect. In Besançon, the tower of the Holy Spirit, protestant monument of XVe century, benefited from renewed interest following its selection in 2018. "With the help of the town hall, we put several banners, presenting the logo of the Bern mission, to inform about our restoration project"explains Annie Zo'omevele, president of the Presbyteral Council of the United Protestant Church of France (EPUdF) in Besançon. "So, people stop, ask questions, even if they are not heritage enthusiasts, or lovers of religious monuments. "This game has national visibility. As a result, it has an impact for all sites »completes Christine Hellin. There is a positive fashion effect: people feel invested with a heritage mission. "


A game in numbers

• In 2019, 103 sites – one per department – will benefit from the help of the Heritage Lotto. In addition, there are 18 emblematic sites.

• During the Loto Super Draw, for a bet of € 3 per grid, € 0.75 will go to the Heritage Foundation, € 1.65 to players, € 0.38 to the French Games (including 0.17% to retailers) and 0.22% to social security contributions.

• If we add the contribution of the game, additional state aid and patronage, the "mission Bern" has raised nearly 50 million euros in 2018. For its part, the Ministry of Culture dedicates € 456 million (3% of its budget) to the assets in 2019.

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