Herlings very disappointed after crash: “Suddenly lost the lead”

“This is quite frustrating,” Herlings’ words read in the statement from his employer KTM. He mainly reacts to the fact that he crashed in the first moto and then couldn’t get his engine to start again. “My front wheel slipped and then someone ran over my bike. Everything was broken: my steering wheel, the throttle cable. It was done.”

Herlings’ failure to continue resulted in the fourth DNF of the season, but the first not to come from a DNS. In Oss (the second moto) and Loket (the full GP) he already missed three motos. He overcame that deficit and now that he was almost a full moto lead, these points again proved to be worth gold. Anyone who follows Herlings’ career knows that an accident is always lurking in a small corner for The Bullet. Even if he seems to have had his share this season, the poison cup must be empty.

Due to the victory of Romain Febvre, the number two in the World Cup, Herlings virtually lost the red plate. The Frenchman was one point ahead of the KTM driver between motos. “It hurts to lose those points, which I fought so hard for, in an instant. I had to watch from the sidelines.”

The missed first moto also affected the second for the four-time world champion. “To come into the second moto cold was not ideal. I had a lot of problems with hard arms and couldn’t get into my rhythm. I missed riding that first moto.”

Although Herling’s competitor Febvre stayed ahead, and so got the red plate back in his hands, he didn’t feel relieved afterwards. “It’s just been a bad day. I don’t know what else to say about it.”

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