A security guard at a supermarket in the Morrisons chain is moving social media after being photographed handing over his umbrella to protect a dog that was waiting for the owner when it started raining. The moment was captured in Giffnock, Scotland.

The image quickly became seen on the Internet, so much so that the security guard was quickly identified with being Ethan Dearman.

Mel Gracie, the tattoo artist who took the photo, reported that she went to talk to the security guard about what she was doing and he justified “Well, we don’t know how dogs feel when they get out in the rain, do they?”

Many Internet users congratulate him for the act of security, even calling him “a hero”. “What a loving thing to do!” and “Give him a raise, immediately” are some supporting comments that are read.

Meanwhile, Ethan found he was getting ‘famous’ and couldn’t resist commenting to thank him for the affection he is receiving. “It seems that I made a lot of people happy today.”, Wrote the security guard.

The dog’s owner, David Cherry, came across the publication and clarified that it is not the first time that Ethan Dearman surprises with sympathy. “Thanks to Ethan for handing his umbrella over to my Freddie when it started raining! So nice! He is always a friend to my brother, my father and our Freddie,” explained the owner of the Golden Retriever, showing a photo of the animal when it was a dog.


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