Hero Silvanna in Mobile Legend and its Item Build Recommendations

Pekalongan Portal – Side Lane? or become a tank? Silvana is the answer. Heroes in this Mobile Legends game are sometimes ignored.

But in this article we will discuss about Hero Silvanna in this Mobile Legends game to be placed on Side Lane.

Due to skill 2 from Silvanna in the early game, it is very painful for enemies who are facing on one lane. The heroes in this Mobile Legends game can be said to be several Counter heroes such as Brody, Moskov, Granger and there are several others.

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Because when we reach level 4, we will be able to kill the opponent by confining him using skill 3.

Quoted from Mobile Legends on the Set Top Player build item hero Silvanna by Lexshin using the following build items.

This article is intended for those of you who are Side Laner who always rank solo. It is certain that if you are a solo player in push rank then you have strong instincts.

Here are Silvanna’s items for Side Lane:

1. Warrior Boots – Item ini memiliki +40 movement speed, dan +22 physical defense.


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