He’s going to revolution in education. Pupils waiting less cramming. An OVERVIEW of the changes

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The minister of education Robert Plaga (YES) a proposal for the Strategy of educational policy of the CZECH republic to the year 2030+ presented at the professional conference, which continues in the next few days.

“The objectives are basically two – focus education more on the acquisition of competences, which match the 21. century, and further reduce inequality in access to education,“ explains the Plaga.

The strategy recognises that the pace of change in society is so high, that the traditional ways of education simply cease to be enough and there is a need to change them.

“Education in the sense of work with knowledge focuses less on their memorization and focus more on their understanding of the use and interdependence, develop literacy and competency enhancement. Teachers will focus primary attention only to the content knowledge items, but will also focus on more demanding tasks requiring deeper understanding and practical application. Students must be able to the challenges of the present time and in particular the future of react, and therefore, they together help to be able to the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values acquired in school and beyond actually use and take advantage of,” stated in the strategy.

The ministry wants to encourage new and novel ways of education at all levels of education in the Czech republic. “Special attention will be given to teachers and pedagogical leaders. You represent the key stakeholders of the planned changes to education,” promises resort.

Together with that should reduce the volume of the curriculum, which teachers are pushing schoolchildren to heads. So less cramming. “The result of this transformation will be the avoidance of overloading pupils with information. The subject matter will be discussed with the aim of deeper understanding, in a broad context without a whole series of non-essential knowledge and information. Teachers will be allowed to the subject matter sufficiently to discuss and students will have space information understand and apply them in real-world situations,” predicts the resort.

The ministry of strategy at the same time admits that The Czech republic has long been struggling with unequal access to education. The results of the pupils are often dependent on what school he goes to and from which the ratios come. And it’s about to change.

The entire draft strategy of education, you can read now:

The strategy of educational policy of the CZECH republic to the year 2030+ [pdf]

And talented students to change the run should be at multi-year grammar school or at a private school, because teaching is their main “job” of poor quality.

“Another of the reasons for the worse results of some regions and schools and is constantly growing inequalities in the quality of education among regions and schools is a significant lack of qualified and quality teachers in specific areas and schools,” admits a state in the strategy for the next years.

That’s why he wants to in other years, worse schools catch up with you better and to make teachers a lot more devoted to individual pupils. The ministry also wants to disadvantaged schools and regions to send more money.

“To avoid exits of a large number of pupils in multi-year gymnasia, zkvalitníme teaching and strengthen the possibility of her individuation on the second level of primary schools. We allow such higher quality education diverse collectives and the optimal development of the potential of each pupil. Schools, in which are concentrated pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds, we will provide greater financial and methodological support,” said the ministry.

The state also wants to focus more on preschool educationbecause statistics show that kids who go to the mateřinek, have later better results.

With state maturitami counts continue, but should more address the skills and less of what students nabiflovali. “The state graduation test will be maintained. Part of it will be the only didactic tests. These tests establishes the basic version of the minimum knowledge and skills to reach every student graduating the field. Graduation test as a whole will be more to reflect a competency model of education,” outlines document.

The ministry therefore wants to more encourage the particular school and help them with the creation of “their” part of the gcse. “The aim of the school part of the graduation exam is a comprehensive verification of the adoption of the outputs of the educational program with an emphasis on the competency concept. Suitable forms are, inter alia, coursework, portfolios of pupils, the practical part of the graduation tests,” concludes his vision for the next years to the education ministry.

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