“Hey Aphaporn” is stuck in my heart. In the past, my mother always told me that I didn’t have the wisdom to send my children to school. Today I’m proud to get 2 degrees, aiming for Ph.D.

“Hai Arpaporn” is pleased to graduate with both a bachelor’s and master’s degree. Aiming for another Ph.D. no one is too old to learn But now, let’s leave the time to go back to selling first. I’m happy to bring my graduation certificate to my mother because in the past, my mother always told me that I didn’t have the wisdom to send my children to study, causing the pacifier to brush the hornets until the face was swollen, just to make up the effect. Hesitate to back up the new BMW red label car.

The whole family rejoices Behind the young country singer Chef Ba “Hai Arpaporn Nakhon Sawan” Able to successfully acquire up to 2 degree certificates at the same time, both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree. along with saying that they may prepare for a doctorate degree as well because it can be further developed and said that no one is too old to study Even after finishing 2 degree certificates at the age of entering number 5, it’s not a problem.

“It’s been a while since I graduated. I’m glad. Thank you for having me. I concentrated on studying every week, going back and forth. Here, I sat in the classroom dozing at night. But it’s very good for studying. When we sit there There are only professors, Dr., who sit and talk things we didn’t know before. then we know And we’re the ones who gave up writing a long time ago. Maybe if sending cheese, homework, or doing a report, it’s going to be a lot of writing. Write until your hands are wrinkled, until your fingers are locked. If you take the exam every time, you have to call the doctor. I mean, we’ve already printed it. Otherwise, talk into the phone. Like we don’t have to sit and write, it’s good.

Studying for 7 years, studying for a bachelor’s degree, 4 years, master’s degree, 3 years, continue, but I received a call next year. Really, I have to receive the year 2019. It’s postponed. It’s just that our timing is over. But I haven’t received it yet. I received it next year. It’s equal to getting 2 tickets. Finishing 2 tickets (smiles). The word that says that I’m not too old to study is true. Everyone wants to tell the children Everyone or everyone who is old and wants to study No one is really too old to learn. As Haiti knows, the idea has changed from the past. We didn’t study and we didn’t listen to anyone. Professor level comes to speak to us. Our thoughts have changed. We meet people and sometimes we have never heard this word before. We are confused. It’s just like this In the past, I was confused and looked stupid. we follow our language by feeling I don’t know if it’s gone and people will like it or not.”

tell mom I’m very happy because they always say that they do not have the wisdom to send their children to higher education
“My mom was very happy. She said that when we were in school, she didn’t have the wisdom to send her kids to school. Pretend to tease you that your mother won’t let your child go to school as a child. So the child had to come to school by himself. Study at an old age. Until he graduated, he went up to the number 5, and then the mother said that she had no wisdom to send her child to study. Listen, we’re stumped too. He spoke his words straight. an old man’s loyalty Then next year I graduated with a master’s degree. Her sister sent her bachelor’s degree. And it received the master the same day we received the bachelor, 2 people.

can continue because we really study Assuming to play politics or anything that requires knowledge, can be used at all. The university asked if he would pursue a major at all. We sit and think, if we continue with the major, we need to add English, we just know that we need to go to special classes. Hire a special teacher to learn English. But now that it’s over, what can we use it for? If there is, it may be decorated with prestige. brake for a moment Because during the covids, help the kids before selling fish. Sell our chili paste first. I think I’m going to continue with my doctorate too, it’s about 2 years, more than 3 years.”

Thank you everyone for your concern. Just make up the puffy face effect only.
“I didn’t go to make a face. Are you shocked? That day, I went to shoot a movie nearby. with Huai Kha Khaeng which we go into the valley No contact from the outside world at all. No water, no electricity, no phone waves. Everything is nonexistent We stayed like that since 4am and came back again at 3am the next day. We came out at 3 am and just had a phone wave. We looked at the pictures and went down and fell asleep before waking up again, it was noon. One day, why Many reporters called. what happened Let’s take a look at the full comments. I’m rooting for you. Get well soon. Let’s go to the doctor. Let’s go see the picture! Full, sorry I didn’t tell. We put up a caption saying that we were shooting a movie. Loss of contact from the outside world, can punch and punch, so it’s a matter.

is nothing And this movie, oh my! Shoot a lot of effects Shoot right here It’s like a big rubbish. Until he told me not to (laughs) we didn’t know, we were down a bit. Well, he’s taken a lot. and then post a single picture We didn’t think he was very jealous. He said no, no, no more. Very smooth. Really smooth. He made it very fast. Effect. no more than an hour and a half then we sleep When I woke up, my face was shocked as well. Crazy. What a talent. When I saw the fans, he loved us this much, thank you. Love. We didn’t think anyone would ask what it was. Get well soon, oh! Check out the page of 2 million people. They’re hilarious. But we still haven’t posted. I tried to interview that it was a show. it’s effect We are nothing Have you gone to see if he still asks today? Hornet sting, it’s an effect.”

Preparing to reverse the new BMW, but still hesitant
“Oh, just landed this morning and aimed for it. Actually, it’s time, so I want to try. We use some tall cars. When we drive high, we feel that the design is very wide. It’s price is the same. I’m deciding I already loved him, but I still haven’t transferred. I’m hesitating that during covid The price is tight It’s not a dream car. But I have a feeling that I want to drive high Now Hai has always used BMW cars. But when trying to use this model It’s really cool. When driving, the seats hold up. When I hit 140, they warn me that I’m driving too much. Because I tried to drive only 120, I don’t know. We tried to step on it. It’s very much. It’s very soft. Now my heart is 95 percent.

I haven’t backed down yet. But over there, it’s so flirtatious. Just tried it and wanted to change the car. It’s been 10 years already. People have followed the red number plate, right? (laughs). I don’t know, but in the last draw, let him go to the number 8, it was completely correct. And the previous draw gave the number 0, so it’s definitely correct. is to give a single request we give only one And it came in 3 draws, we said that if you weren’t right, don’t scold each other. We don’t know what it will come out, but in our feelings, when taking a shower, the last draw, our hair curled into the number 8, it was full of hair, our hair became the number 8, ignored, became another goddess, probably guessed right But we haven’t established ourselves as a goddess yet. We haven’t bought a lot, but it’s not a loss. Last round, it was about 50,000, losing over a thousand baht. Really, buying with friends, stocks together, lucky numbers now? It’s better to post on IG in 2 days.”