Hi ATG Members, Listen to CoFTRA’s Affirmation: Crypto Asset Trader License, Not Trading Robot License!

ABOUT CIBUBUR – CoFTRA (Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency) released a list of companies that are prospective physical traders of crypto assets.

In the list there is a name associated with a trading robot company that is facing legal issues.

CoFTRA also gave confirmation regarding the prospective company that trades crypto physical assets and their relation to trading robots.

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CoFTRA has released the latest list of prospective physical crypto asset traders through its official social media accounts, one of which is on Twitter @InfoBappebti, March 25, 2022.

In the upload, CoFTRA reported that there were 18 potential crypto physical asset traders, with 1 company frozen.

Among the list of companies is a company that is often associated with Auto Trade Gold (ATG), a trading robot that has been blocked by CoFTRA for allegedly violating the Commodity Futures Trading Law and abusing SIUPL.

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However, CoFTRA emphasized that companies registered as potential physical traders of crypto assets are not trading robot business licenses.