“Hi dad, you made the history of Cagliari restaurants: today they even cry to you from London”

The king of seafood appetizers is no more. After a life spent preparing dozens of appetizers, all strictly “casteddaia”, Antonello Spissu is gone. Almost in silence, broken by the tears of his loved ones, after a desperate rush from the San Salvatore clinic to the Monserrato hospital. One of the columns of the “Quattro Mori”, later of the “I Mori” in Corso Vittorio, Spissu managed to pass on his passion for cooking to his son Christian, who in fact is one of the cooks of the Brotzu hospital. He grew up between the pots and the stoves, he saw an always hyperactive dad, ready to choose the best fish before dawn in the markets in order to guarantee the best freshness and quality to his customers. Better “to friends than him. Dad always welcomed everyone to his restaurants and, even those who didn’t know, after the second course he was already a friend ”. Merit of his friendliness and simplicity: “He asked you the simplest things: is the dish good? How did you go to work today? He was always looking for an excuse, a way to open a dialogue and make sure that the customer, now almost like his best friend, would remember him and the restaurant “. From an early age, he sautéed Antonello Spissu, also at Poetto, “all’Ottagono, one of the restaurants that decades ago was in vogue. He met the best artists, actors and singers. Our house is full of photos of him, smiling, with the most famous characters “.

And the VIPs, like everyday people, were entranced by his flurry of seafood appetizers, his seafood risotto or bavette allo scoglio, his sea bream so fresh that it still seemed to swim: “Dad was strong , in his life he has lived many “. Beautiful moments and difficult periods, but Antonello Spissu’s smile and grace have always been his two trademarks. Homemade factory, homely, simple but tasty, like its dishes: “he made the history of Cagliari catering. On Saturday there will be the funeral, we have already received messages from friends and acquaintances who had not seen him for some time because they went to live outside and who, today, are also mourning him from Rome and even from London “.