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Hidden camera shows it's almost impossible to file a complaint against a Florida police officer and it's frightening

Receiving a complaint about your service is always uncomfortable, people rarely admit that they have admitted that they have done wrong. However, it seems that for some police stations in South Florida filing a complaint is almost impossible. As this undercover video shows, you better have a damn good reason for your complaint, because entering a police station without being scary, risky and even downright dangerous.

Investigators went to different police departments in the state, with the simple task of getting a complaint form. Nothing more than that. They were confronted with intimidation, threats and even arrests by these unsafe agents, who misused their positions in a rather shocking way. All this despite the fact that we not only offer citizens the opportunity to legally obtain a form, but also complete it and return it anonymously.

Suspicion among police officers was high. The right to anonymity usually went straight out of the window when they went defensive and wanted to know the identity of the investigator, and the reason for the complaint.

From antisocial behavior to threats and outright aggressiveness, you start to wonder why this police is so self-aware. What is happening there in South Florida? A polite request was often answered with an open refusal to cooperate, followed by a line of interrogation that aroused suspicion among the complainant. It turns out that police officers in the United States often share a "blue code of silence," meaning they don't keep each other off for misconduct. Although some officers have called this code a myth, a 2005 study has found evidence that it actually exists. Perhaps this is a way to explain hostility.

This case went even further and descended to violence when the officer realized he was being filmed. The complainant here asked to see the policy about filming at the police station before he was violently caught in an arm block and slammed against a wall.

If evasive police would not cooperate with a request for a complaint form, some investigators were persistent in demanding recognition of their rights. In response, this officer threatened to come up with a fictional scenario so that he could throw the investigator into prison.

You can find the video with all these cases and more below

This is how people responded to the shocking video


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