Hidden iPhone screen reveals all your secrets

If you are tired of people spying on your iPhone, there is a way to stop them for good.
And one of the users of the social networking site Tik Tok, called Mark, revealed a very simple trick to hide your phone’s control center from view. The Control Center doesn’t reveal much but it does display things like the music you’re listening to, and any other options you might have added to it as well. Not only that, it allows others to mess around and take pictures with the camera or turn off things like Bluetooth.

But a switch can prevent anyone from accessing the Control Center while it is locked. All you have to do is go to Settings and find Face ID and Passcode. Enter your passcode to continue, scroll down until you find a menu titled “Allow access when locked” and turn off Control Center.

And if you want to be more private, you can turn off other things like Notification Center. And now no one can snoop on your phone.

And this is not the only privacy protection feature that Apple has included in its smartphone, as users can also try out a new feature that keeps your online activity private, and it works like a VPN to prevent companies like Facebook or some retail sites, from tracking you online, According to the British newspaper The Sun.

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