High Cholesterol: If you are often smelling these smells, you may need to get a blood test

According to a study, perceiving “phantom” smells that others do not smell could be a symptom of high cholesterol. Let’s find out why.

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Il high cholesterol it is often nicknamed the “invisible killer” due to its absence of symptoms, but the serious consequences of this pathology must help to understand how the problem cannot be underestimated. However, a recent study claims the ability to hear three distinct smells can help indicate high blood cholesterol levels. Let’s see the research in more detail. (Also Read: High Cholesterol: What Says Largest Statin Side Effects Study?)

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Cholesterol not only has a negative meaning, as one of its main functions is also to build healthy cells in our body. High blood cholesterol levels however can increase the risk of heart disease and, as we have already mentioned, unfortunately our body rarely warns us about the presence of high cholesterol values, we can only find out by doing blood tests.

However, a study published in Laryngoscope found a particular link between high cholesterol and the perception of “phantom odors”. This phenomenon is known as phantasmia, which consists in the perception of an odor for which no molecule is present in the surrounding environment. To reach this conclusion, data from 7,417 adults aged 40 and over were analyzed, who had to report information about their cardiovascular health and communicate their total cholesterol values. The researchers were able to conclude that people diagnosed with high cholesterol reported perceiving phantom odors more frequently than those with normal cholesterol levels.

L’stroke has been associated with a greater than 76% probability of perception of phantom odors and also who suffered from hypertension claimed to suffer from the phenomenon. Additionally, the researchers observed a three times greater likelihood of perception of phantom odors among adults 60 years of age and older with diabetes, but only among those using both insulin and orally administered drugs.

The best methods to keep blood cholesterol levels under control are follow a balanced diet in which you do not have many foods containing saturated fat e practice physical activity such as swimming, cycling or fitwalking.

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Source: Laryngoscope

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