High-level programming at the Liceo Theater for the month of October

It includes the plays ‘Villa y Marte’, ‘Ser o no ser’, with Juan Echanove and ‘Los Hermanos Machado’. In addition, Les Luthiers will also attend the CAEM with their latest show. Tickets for all will go on sale this Thursday at the Liceo box office and at; except for the work ‘Villa y Marte’, which is already on sale.

The theatrical offer for the month of October, organized by the City Council of Salamanca, will begin with the play ‘Villa and Mars‘ of the company Ron Lalá. Set in the 22nd century, this work takes us to Mars, where a group of authentic astronauts travel to refound Madrid because climate change has made life on Earth impossible. After an emergency landing and a fight over scarce oxygen, on the red planet they find opposition from the Martian neighbors who celebrate their popular festival under the full Earth, and who are not willing to give up their own casticism and traditions for some aliens. terrestrial. a comedy that is scheduled on October 1 and whose tickets are already on sale with a price of 12, 16 and 20 euros.

Juan Echanove and Lucia Quintanaamong others, star in the play ‘to be or not to be‘, based on the novel by Ernst Lubischt. This work, set in Warsaw in 1939, is a tribute to theater and comedians as guarantors of entertainment and capable of combating the horror of barbarism. This work was brought to the big screen by Ernest Lubitsch and is about one of the funniest comedies, corrosive, entertaining and brilliant in the history of cinema, with dialogues full of wit and talent that keep the viewer with a permanent smile. The theatrical adaptation of it has been a success in the many countries in which it has been staged. will be the days October 21 and 22 and tickets will go on sale this Thursday with a price of 15, 20 and 25 euros.

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The domingo 23 a proposal for family audiences is scheduled, ‘way to school‘ of the company Campi Qui Pugui. Three sisters, one path and one goal: to have the future in their hands. The extraordinary story of three sisters who face daily obstacles and adversity to get to school. Three girls who live in any country, in a distant and close place at the same time, who do not speak any specific language and, at the same time, speak them all. A suggestive, visual and textless show that is inspired by the real story of girls and boys from all over the world. Autonomous and capable girls who share the desire to learn and change their world. Tickets have a price of 5 euros and will go on sale this Thursday at the Liceo box office and at

The Teatro del Temple company closes the theatrical program for October with the play ‘The Machado brothers‘, the Saturday 29. Brothers Antonio and Manuel Machado they represent the two Spains that clashed in the Civil War, they exemplify the tear that a conflict of these characteristics causes. Antonio Machado already sang to the two Spains before suffering them. Paradigm of a lover of the country, he always wanted to improve this land and therefore pushed for a Republic in which he believed. He was with her from minute one and defended her to the end against those who abandoned her in a fratricidal war. On the other side of the trench, his older brother, Manuel, the one who led him in his first poetic and vital steps, the one to whom he could always turn, was now in Burgos, on the side of the rebels, saying that there were not two Spains but one, great and wealthy Spain.

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Few literary families exemplify the tear caused by a civil war like the Machado’s. For three years, the brothers, who knew they were on opposite sides, did not want to criticize each other, but they did not speak to each other either. And when Manuel wanted to meet Antonio, dialogue was no longer possible. This work allows them to maintain that encounter that they could not have. Tickets have a price of 9, 12 and 15 euros and go on sale this Thursday.

The October program also includes the show ‘Grand Reserve‘ of The Luthiers, whose tickets are already on sale. It will be on the 18th and 19th at Caem and tickets are priced at 45, 60 and 65 euros. and the show Invention on October 28 and 29 at Caem, whose tickets are priced at 15, 20 and 25 euros and are also on sale.

Dance at the Liceo Theater

Also this Thursday tickets for the dance show are on sale ‘The forgiveness‘ of the Losdedae company that is scheduled at the Liceo on Saturday October 15.

a show of Juan Carlos Rubio, directed by Chevi Muraday and performed by himself and Juana Acosta. To ask for forgiveness, it is necessary to be aware that significant damage has been done to the other. Putting yourself in their place and approaching their feelings can actually make the other’s pain feel. From this reflection, Juana Acosta and Chevi Muraday will enter a research space, through their own life experiences and using the body and the word as a vehicle, opening the channel of reconciliation.

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Las tickets are priced at 12, 16 and 20 euros.

XI Cycle of Chamber Music and Soloists

In addition, this Thursday the tickets for the first two concerts of the XI Cycle of Chamber Music and Soloists organized by the City Council of Salamanca.

The first of the concerts is scheduled on next monday september 26at eight in the afternoon, and will be borne by the Liceo Theater Classical Orchestra, a musical group that began its journey in January this year on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of the European Cultural Capital. On this occasion we will be able to enjoy the Overture “The Hebrides” by Felix Mendelssohn, the Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra No. 2, in E flat major, Op. 74 by Carl Maria von Weber with soloist José Vicente Castillo and, in the second part, Symphony No. 2 in D major, Op. 36, by Ludwig van Beethoven.

And the second will offer them, the October the 17ththe Hanson Quartet, a group formed by the violinists Anton Hanson and Jules Dussap, Gabrielle Lafait (viola) and Simon Dechambre (cello). The four musicians are winners of numerous international competitions and have also been invited to prestigious festivals such as the Amsterdam and Paris Quartet Biennials, the Deauville Festival, the Cadenet, L’Auditori de Barcelona, ​​Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Lockenhaus Festival or the Aix en Provence Festival. Their concerts at the Philharmonie de Paris, the Wigmore Hall in London, in the auditorium of the Maison de la Radio de Paris, the Victoria Hall in Geneva, the ORF Kulturhaus in Vienna allow them to shine in Europe and other continents (Israel, China and Morocco).

Tickets for these two concerts have a price of 12, 16, 18 and 20 euros.