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High School Football Roundup: Wise gushes past Flowers and into the 4A semi-final

In this file photo, wise players and coaches celebrate after winning the Maryland 4A State Championship in 2017. (Photo by Toni L. Sandys / The Washington Post). (Photo by Toni L. Sandys / The Washington Post)

Wise advanced to the semifinals of Maryland 4A, following his launch by C.H. Flowers, 22-12 o'clock, on Friday.

It was an unusually close game for offensive Juggernaut Wise, who only brought 7-6 into the half.

"It was a tough fight," said Wise coach DaLawn Parrish. "Both teams fought. I think you have seen two of the best defenses in our region. "

Wise took an aggressive stance to open the second half, forcing sales and scoring touchdowns for less than five minutes in a row in the third quarter. Things got even worse for Flowers when an argument on the field led to two personal fouls and a player kick-off.

Flowers (10-1) scored Zebadiah Suku's third-term goal but failed to push Wise (10-1) forward.

– Madeline Rundlett

Later TD raises Madison via Centerville

Madison linebacker Josh Barker pulled down an interception and crashed 30 yards for a touchdown to give the Warhawks a 20-10 victory in the Virginia Region 6D semi-final at Centerville.

"We're a real pressure team," said Justin Counts of Madison. "We really get pressure on the quarterback and that forces the teams to make mistakes."

The Warhawks (10-2) forced two Fummelzüge and snatched again against the Wildcats (9-3).

The defense closed Centerville 14-0, as the teams met two weeks ago. However, this game took place in a heavy rain so Counts suggested to his team to play the playoff game against the Wildcats, not to treat the previous victory as a prediction of future success.

"We scored a goal early in the game and then we continued when the weather was right," Counts said. "But we prepared differently this week because we knew her crime would have a chance to really let go."

That night, the Warhawks prevented the Wildcats from establishing a rhythm that would prepare them for victory and a meeting with Westfield in the next week's regional finale.

Westfield regains region

Westfield clinched its eighth season opener in the regional championship with their 35-7 win over South Lakes in a 6D semi-final in the Virginia region.

Junior quarterback Noah Kim led the Bulldogs with 14 of 16 passes for 157 yards and three touchdowns.

"He brings a lot of experience in pretty high caliber games," said Westfield coach Kyle Simmons. "It brought us a long way between his skills and his experience."

Three-time defending champion Bulldogs (12-0) took a 14-0 lead over the Seahawks (9-3) and lost no time after the start of the second half. Eugene Asante ran back and hurried through a clear path in the middle for a 5-yard touchdown run to finish the opening halfway with yet another Westfield touchdown, and the Bulldogs never looked back.

QO finally breaks through

Jeremiah White of Quince Orchard broke a goalless draw. In the first half remained 4:08 points. The Cougars finally took control to score 35-0 in the Regional Final of Maryland 4A West vs. Northwest (9-3).

Quince orchard was improved to (11-1).

Both teams stumbled through the early minutes. Northwest fumbled at the opening start. Two games later, a Quince Orchard snap sailed over the quarterback. Although the Cougars regained the ball, they hit the ball to stop the ball.

Then came Whites Score, who opened the gates for Quince Orchard. Less than three minutes after the first endzone finish, Marquez Cooper ran 10 yards for another touchdown. Just 39 seconds later, senior linebacker Johnny Hodges blocked a point in the end zone and a defensive duel. Rashaud Thomas recovered for another touchdown.

So the Cougars had a leading leadership.

"I told our players at halftime that they should continue to accelerate," said John Kelley, coach of Quince Orchard. "The game was tight until the last minutes of the first half, so we could not give up."

Owens leads Glenelg to victory

Glenelg senior ran back Wall Owens scored the game's first three touchdowns as the undefeated Gladiators shot out River Hill 35-0 in the Maryland Regional Final 2A South.

After Glenelg Defense forced River Hill (8-4) into a three-legged opener, the Gladiators (12-0) reduced their first possession with a 24-yard touchdown run by Owens.

The Yale Commit, which holds the record for Howard County's Career Rushing record of more than 5,300 yards, added another 13-yard touchdown in the second quarter. Then he sprinted the left side into the second half for a 61-yard touchdown in less than a minute.

Seniors Sam Alsheimer and Tyler Reiff paved the way for Glenelg in the defense with punishment and vocal leadership, Coach Butch Schaffer said. The closure of River Hill (8-4) was the seventh of the season for Glenelg.

Broad Run, Stone Bridge wins 5C semi-final

Broad Griffs junior quarterback Mitch Griffis took the lead in the fourth quarter of the semi-finals at the Virginia Region 5C race on Friday, leading the Spartans to a 28-14 win over Tuscarora.

Broad Run has been moved to 10-2.

After his team had moved two points forward, Griffi's wide-angle receiver Lance Lacny found himself in the end zone for a touchdown and then ran in a two-point conversion to give the Spartans a 20-14 lead. Later that quarter, he ran the ball for a touchdown and then ran for another two-point conversion to seal victory over the Huskies (8-4).

In the other Virginia 5C semi-final, Stone Bridge scored five first-quarter touchdowns on the way to a 69-0 defeat at Falls Church.

Nick Mell ran back and scored the first touchdown for the Bulldogs (10-2). The home team quickly added another touchdown for the 14-0, and then Falls Church faked the subsequent kick-off.

Stone Bridge stomped on the dots. With 24 seconds to go before the end of the first quarter, the Bulldogs had a 35-0 lead against the Jaguars (7:5).

– Kate Yanchulis


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