High Season is looking for volunteers for the 2020 edition

Despite the uncertainty in the performing arts sector, Temporada Alta continues to work on this year’s edition, scheduled for next autumn. Therefore, following the usual calendar, the festival has already opened registration to be part of the team of volunteers. For years, the certainly incorporates a team of people who collaborate with the day to day of the departments of communication, production and patronage, offering, in return, training and support throughout the process, for volunteers to discover the entrails of the contest.

As the organization of the festival reported yesterday, the circumstances marked by the current health situation “force us to think of a different edition”. However, it has been decided to maintain the call to be part of the team of volunteers “with the aim of continuing to count on their collaboration.” Festival officials plan to announce soon what the adapted format of this year’s edition will be, given the restrictions that will most likely affect the world of the performing arts for a long time.

Anyone over the age of 18 “who wants to experience the performing arts from a different point of view than the conventional public” can register for the call.

All those interested in being part of the volunteer team can register through the festival website before May 30th. “Once the registration has been made, the organization plans to hold an information meeting where doubts will be resolved and it will be explained what the TA20 volunteer program will consist of,” according to a statement from the festival.

Three different areas

The team of volunteers selected for the festival will be directed to one of the three departments. A group will be dedicated to supporting the communication team, collaborating in communication tasks, customer service, relations with the press, helping in the preparation and development of complementary activities and collaborating with the spaces for participation. of the spectators like the “Stick to TA”. The second group will work in support of the production team. At this level it is a matter of collaborating as a liaison between the companies and the festival, helping the room staff before, during and after the function and “helping out” in the distribution of material such as hand programs. Finally, those selected in the third group will support the patronage team by helping with the pre-production, production and start-up of the complementary events.


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