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Updated on 07. November 2019, 08:34

Higher penalties for wrong parkers and new rules for bus lanes: Road traffic will change a lot in the future. Wheel and motorists have to adjust to this, among other things.

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Traffic offenders need to be prepared for tougher penalties, such as using ambulances or parking them incorrectly. The Federal Government decided on Wednesday a proposal from Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU), but still the federal states must agree.

In addition, cyclists in the city should be safer and faster on the road, and a new regulation for the bus lane to make carpools move faster. The Department of Transportation wants the changes to take effect quickly. The increase is to be included in the fine catalog in 2019.

Wheel and motorists have to adjust to this, among other things.

Higher fines for wrong parking

The fines for parking in the "second row" on footpaths and cycle paths should rise. Instead of 15 euros threatened in future up to 100 € penalty. This should also apply to holding on so-called protective strips for cyclists – ie on bike paths that are painted with a dashed white line on the road.

So far, cars were allowed to hold there for three minutes. If someone is handicapped or endangered, something breaks down or someone is parked on a pedestrian or bicycle path for more than an hour, there may also be a point in "Flensburg", ie in the driving fitness register.

Rescue route form – and leave free

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Motorists already have the duty to make room for rescue vehicles, fire brigades and police – and also to build emergency lanes in traffic jams. If you do not do that, you are liable to prosecution, and in the future you will be able to collect a driving ban.

In addition, should soon be punished, if someone drives through the escape route illegally, for example, to get through the traffic jam quickly. There are fines between 200 and 320 euros, one month driving ban and two points in "Flensburg".

New rules for bus lanes

The lanes for buses in cities can already be opened for taxis or cyclists. In the future, this should also be possible for cars in which at least three people are traveling.

The aim is to make the formation of carpools more attractive. There should be a new sign for that. Ultimately, this will be decided on site.

Parking for car sharing and e-cars

For cars of car-sharing services and electric cars, parking spaces should be separately awarded, also with new signs.

Protection for cyclists

So far, motorists must keep a "sufficient" distance when overtaking cyclists. In future, at least 1.50 meters in the city and two meters outside the city should be specified.

Trucks over 3.5 tons should be allowed to drive at a right-hand turn in the village only pace, so no more than 11 kilometers per hour – because this situation is particularly dangerous for cyclists. It threatens 70 euros fine.

In narrow or dangerous places, a sign should be able to prohibit cars and trucks from overtaking single-track vehicles, including bicycles. In front of intersections and junctions, there will be no parking restrictions in the future if there is a bike path. So the view should be improved.

Bicycle zones

There are already bicycle roads, in future there should be whole zones. There is then generally allowed at most 30 km, the bicycle traffic may not be endangered or disabled.

Green arrow and other rights for cyclists

A green arrow at traffic lights allows you to turn right if the traffic light is red – but only if you stop first and do not endanger anyone.

In the future, there should be a green arrow, which applies only to cyclists. The juxtaposition of cyclists should again be explicitly allowed, if they hinder anyone. (Ff / dpa)

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