Hiking tips for Baden-Württemberg: Original Remstal and Neckarremser Schlossberg – panorama

On this hike in the Remstal you can enjoy magnificent views from the Korber Kopf and Hörnleskopf.

From Neckarrems we hike in the nature reserve “Unteres Remstal” through natural forest along the river.

Starting point: Neckarrems, parking facilities in Mühlstrasse

Long: circa 11,5 Kilometer

H differences in height: Ascents and descents 100 meters each

Duration: around 3 hours

Public transportation:,

It’s this way. Photo: G

It’s this way

Our tour begins at Mühlstraße 1. We cross the Rems on the pedestrian bridge, walk along the road to the left with the red cross signposted, and shortly thereafter we walk half-left down to the river. The Rems rises near Essingen near Aalen and flows into the Neckar near Neckargröningen. First you pass a weir, then the floodplain forest along the river becomes more and more rustic. We are now in the “Unteres Remstal” nature reserve. It goes along a forest path along the shore lined with alder, willow and ash trees. The many mistletoes on their host trees are striking. The river meanders through the valley, the opposite bank is dominated by the high, up to 70 m vertically towering shell limestone rocks of the old quarry. Later the valley widens, we hike through lush valley meadows. Then you pass an old transformer house, shortly afterwards our path leads half-left down to the Rems. A sewage treatment plant is passed, then it goes up on an asphalt road to the outskirts of Hegnach. On the road left down to the Remsbrücke, where Remsmühle 2 is located. The mill is now used as a hydroelectric power plant to generate electricity and supplies up to 60 households with energy. Opposite the mill we turn right and now walk along the left bank of the Rems. Later you can see the ruined dry stone walls of terraces on the left on the steep slopes. There used to be vines here, viticulture reached its peak in the 16th and 17th centuries. At the end of the 19th century it gave way to fruit growing, until this was also later abandoned.

Hegnacher Mühle 3 is reached, which has been grinding grain since 1874 and to which a mill shop is now attached. We cross the bridge, walk past the mill site and hike up a small road in the direction of Hegnach. At the top you come to a crossroads, now the marking changes to the blue dot. We stroll along the small street Am Haldenholz in the old town center to the main street 4. We turn left up this street, crossing Friedenstrasse and Aldinger Strasse. You pass under the L1149, in Hartweg we keep to the right. It goes through a residential area, keep right on the crossroads at the SV Hegnach clubhouse. Passing the sports facilities, you reach the edge of the forest at the playground and rest area. We are now in the Hartwald, first straight ahead, at a crossroads with a wellingtonia tree, bear right. Later our path makes a right turn, it goes slightly downhill and after a short time you will see the sign “Remsweg”. Follow this uphill to the left, later our marker is visible again on the right on a tree.

After exiting the forest, continue on a small asphalt road. Shortly thereafter we ignore the blue dot markings leading to the right and continue straight ahead. After a few minutes we see a red line leading to the right on a tree. A meadow path leads to the forest. On the left we see a playground and rest area 5. We keep straight ahead on the forest path, then we follow the road Am Rappenhau. Further down, this becomes a meadow path, meets the Schlossweg, which leads to Remseck Castle. Today’s castle was built in 1841 and is privately owned. In front of a barn our path leads to the right, at a tree the red line marking points to the left. The path leads through the castle garden. Below it makes an arc, at a crossroads our marking points to the left on the steps down to the street. At the bottom we turn right and return to the starting point via the Rems Bridge.

Info: Original Remstal and Neckarremser Schlossberg

card tip
A map is essential to supplement the tours, as the paths may be closed or difficult to walk due to tree felling work, weather conditions, etc., and detours must be sought: LGL-Schwäbischer Albverein, hiking map 7, Heilbronn/Ludwigsburg, 1:35 000; NaturNavi hiking map 52-541, Stuttgart Northeast 1:25,000. Companion for on the go: BLV Animal and Plant Guide, ISBN: 3835418084.

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Hiking tips for Baden-Württemberg: Original Remstal and Neckarremser Schlossberg – panorama

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