Hind Sabri participates in launching campaign to fight hunger in Ramadan

Hind Sabri participates in launching campaign to fight hunger in Ramadan

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Rana Salah Al – Din – Cairo The World Food Program (WFP), in collaboration with Tunisian artist Hend Sabri, launched an innovative digital fundraising campaign during the month of Ramadan to encourage smart phone users around the world to donate, through a click of a button, to support needy groups of conflict victims in the Middle East during Ramadan. Smartphone users around the world can help needy families in Syria and Yemen by sharing their Ramadan breakfast and donating money to help those in need by implementing ShareMeMeal (or sharing a meal) developed by the fundraising program. The Tunisian artist said: “The moment of breakfast is one of the most beautiful moments that are repeated every day throughout the month of Ramadan when families and friends gather to share food.” “Unfortunately, everyone does not have the advantage of eating time in Morocco. Many children are hungry day and night around the world. Today I am honored to launch this campaign in collaboration with WFP because I truly believe that ShareTheMeal provides everyone with an opportunity to help these people. ”

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