ALAMEDA – An NFL sideline is a fishbowl. Cameras will capture almost any interaction during the game, most of which are extremely boring.

You'll see players staring at tablets and talking strategies, or coaches trying to start a position group. You will have some funny facial expressions that respond to good and bad results. And in rare cases, the exchange is hot, and the fans will freak out.

This happened between Raiders coach Jon Gruden and defensive coordinator Paul Günther after the 52-yard touchdown run by Raheem Mostert in the 34: 3 defeat on Thursday against the 49ers in the Levi Stadium.

Gruden got Günther's attention and expressed his displeasure with another large piece of embarrassing losses, then Günther clapped back a little.

These windows in the sideline are often disproportionately blasted, so outsiders wonder if the Gruden-Günther dynamics are broken in a sense.

That's certainly not the case. Gruden has selected Guenther to help rebuild this Raiders franchise. The two live close to each other in the Easy Bay and work mostly with the carpool. They are in step to execute a long-term plan.

Gruden made this clear in his press conference on Friday afternoon, when he was asked about the hot exchange.

"You should see us on the golf course," Gruden said. "Look, you're going down the field, you've scored a touchdown and I do not know when you're going to play the next game, you get a 52-yard run and you say," What the hell happened? "You talk to someone on the phone, and next you know it's a big deal, frustration sets in on his name and on my behalf, I'm sure that sometimes emotions get caught on tape, but there's no better coach than Paul Günther, I do not have a better friend than Paul Günther.

"We're probably going to argue about many things until late at night. I'll see if we can get video footage for you. "

They trust in Townsend

Rookie Punter Johnny Townsend again had a poor performance against the 49ers, with a net average of 36.5, and second to the punts in the 20-yard line.

He sometimes struggled with strength and accuracy, with bad punts being the good ones. Gruden continues to work for the University of Florida despite recent results.

"I think he's considering a few things," Gruden said. "Directional, place the ball between the numbers on the sideline to the right and left to lower it faster, whatever it is. I do not apologize for Townsend, but I say that, I saw him bombarding it. I have seen that he is a differentiator and I am confident that it will be in the near future.

"I went through this [Shane] Lechler Lechler used to fend me off. He used to knock the ball out of the black hole instead of trying to get him into the 10. I went through it [Sebastian] Janikowski Everyone hated Janikowski for the first three or four games. I will be patient and everyone knows that this is not my strength. "

O-Line Shuffle

The Raiders suffered more injuries on their line of attack. Kolton Miller and Kelechi Osemele worsened knee injuries that have recently hampered them, which could prevent them against the Los Angeles Chargers next week.

Gruden was unwilling to make a proclamation on either player but bought insurance from Tackle. They called for the fourth round of David Sharpe from Houston in 2016 and placed T.J. Clemmings on the injured reserve, which offers an option on the left attack if Miller can not go.

Jon Feliciano becomes left guard when Osemele is back on the shelf.

Gruden said the team's record will not affect the caution that these players bring back.

"We will never endanger a player. We would never do that, "Gruden said. "If they can play it through, we'll let them play. That's a big part of being a great professional footballer. I dealt with guys who have iron man stripes. … you never feel good. These men never feel good from the start of the training camp until about two months after the offseason. If the coach says we put them in danger, they will not play. If they can play through something, we will try to encourage them, just as we encourage everyone in every position. "


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