Hip and thigh fat may be a symptom of vascular disease

Localized fat and sagging can be a symptom of vascular disease. Lipedema is seen as obesity or overweight, much more common in women, appearing at puberty, during pregnancy or after menopause. Therefore, there is swelling and an accumulation of fat, especially in the lower limbs.

“The fat from lipoedema is usually painful and is concentrated in the hips, thighs and calves. Some small nodules may also appear”, explained Andrea Ferri Catib, a nutritionist, specialist in sports medicine and member of the Brazilian Society for the Study of Physiology (Sobraf).


In addition, other symptoms include disproportion between the legs and trunk, cellulite, feeling of heaviness in the legs and tiredness. Andre commented that – on the other hand – obesity fat is more evenly distributed in the body, being eliminated with less difficulty through diet and physical activity, which does not happen in cases of lipedema.

“There is probably a link to genetics, but no genes have yet been identified. There also seems to be a relationship with estrogen, since it affects practically only women and, normally, in phases in which there is an increase in this hormone, such as in puberty and pregnancy”, said Andrea.

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The treatment of lipedema needs a broad team, consisting of an angiologist, vascular surgeon, nutritionist, physiotherapist and, in some cases, a psychologist. Tests are also needed to detect endocrine disorders that could cause similar symptoms.

According to Fernando Amato, who is a plastic surgeon and member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (SBCP), surgery should be the last option: “Only after trying clinical treatment for a while should we recommend liposuction.”

In addition to multidisciplinary monitoring, it needs that there is no abuse of foods such as pork and beef, sausages, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and industrialized products, which can intensify the inflammation of lipedema.

Source: IstoÉ

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