Hiromi’s widower shares unpublished photo of his deceased daughter

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The singer revealed an unpublished photograph just at the time that he was carrying little Juliet, who would also lose her life with her mother in 2017.

“She is my beautiful Juliet, I had her in my arms and she was so fragile, so small and so beautiful. I always waited for me to carry a baby, I had never wanted to, because I was afraid something would happen to her. I said that I just I would do it with my children, and that’s how it was, it was the first baby I carried as a newborn, “she began her message.

It seems that the quarantine reminded him of his beloved and his little girl two years nine months after their departure.

“Today I have thought a lot about you, I want you to know that I love you beautiful daughter and that you live in my heart and it will be like this forever. Take care of your mommy and no boyfriends in eternity or such things because if we don’t get there we will talk very seriously you and me miss. I love you, “he added.



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