Hirunandesu “IKEA Chair Destruction Case” Why are you still talking about it? “Fatal accident” turned into laughter Audrey: J-CAST News[Full text view]

Six years have passed since Toshiaki Kasuga and Masayasu Wakabayashi of the comedy duo Audrey broke the chair for viewers’ gifts in the information program “Hirunandesu!” (NTV). On Twitter, the hashtag “# Audrey Chair Destruction Anniversary” was spread, and many people missed the events of the past.

Why is the event six years ago still being handed down? Experts familiar with laughter analyze that Audrey’s attitude toward “the basics of laughter” created a situation where “for some reason it makes me laugh”, while saying that it was “a fatal accident that is impossible in this era.”

  • Audrey (taken in 2016)

  • IKEA's

    IKEA’s “Poäng” destroyed by Audrey (from IKEA official website)

  • Audrey (taken in 2016)
  • IKEA's

Audrey Wakabayashi “Broken”

The incident happened on February 24, 2016 at “Hirunandesu!”. On this day, the two of Audrey introduced the chair “Poäng Armchair” of the furniture mass retailer IKEA at the viewer present corner. While explaining the features of the product in a light conversation, Mr. Wakabayashi cut out the durability of the chair, saying, “It has withstood more than 6.3 million tests conducted at the store …”.

Kasuga laughed at this, saying, “It was 6.3 million times, ahahaha …”. To check its durability, he begins to lean on the chair vigorously. Wakabayashi also pushes Kasuga’s body and puts a load on the chair. Kasuga-san jumps with a high-pitched voice, “Fu! Fu!”, With the momentum to shake the chair. However, the legs of the chair broke with a dull sound, and Kasuga and Wakabayashi were slammed on the floor.

In a rainy day, the studio was in a strange atmosphere with a mixture of screams and laughter. MC Kiyotaka Nanbara bowed down, saying, “I’ve done too much,” and Asami Miura stopped laughing and called out to the viewers, “I’m very sorry. Please follow the usage correctly.” Mr. Wakabayashi reported the condition of the chair, saying, “It’s broken.” Ruriko Kojima was laughing with her belly in her arms.

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Immediately after the broadcast, there were many responses on Twitter, such as “I will laugh no matter how many times I see it,” “It will break,” “I’m going to get angry later, www.” “On the contrary, I want that chair.” At that time, a PR representative from IKEA Japan, whose chair that had withstood more than 6.3 million endurance tests was broken, told J-CAST News that Kasuga-san’s usage was “I think it would be beyond the permissible range.” Was answered.

Relationships that continued even after the broadcast, even in other programs

After the incident, the relationship between Audrey and Poäng continued. In the broadcast on September 20, 2017, the two Audreys visited IKEA Shin Misato (Misato City, Saitama Prefecture) and bowed to the store manager to apologize for the incident. When the person in charge extended his hand, Kasuga-san also held his hand and reconciled, saying “Thank you.” In the broadcast at that time, the store manager said about the response after the “chair destruction times”, “A lot of customers came, tried it, and bought a lot.”

After that, Hirunandesu! Then Poäng appears frequently. When the chair appeared in front of Audrey, the studio was noisy, and the “promise” that Kasuga-san would sit down without worrying about it was repeated.

The aftermath extended to programs from other stations. In the animal variety show “Animal Peace !!” (TV Tokyo series) broadcast in March 2009, the seating surface of the wooden chair on which Kasuga was sitting was destroyed. When Mr. Wakabayashi rushed in, “Don’t break your chair often!”, The words “IKEA incident again” danced on the telop.

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Eventually, the incident becomes a “narrative grass” among people. From two years ago on Twitter, the hashtag “# Audrey Chair Destruction Anniversary” was spread on February 24th, and the movement to miss the incident began. Livedoor News, a major portal site, also announced the passage of time on February 24th on official Twitter, such as “5 years since then” (21 years) and “6 years since then” (22 years).

Voices such as “Is it 6 years old?” And “How much have you been loved!” Were heard on Twitter this year as well. Kojima, who was laughing loudly in the studio at the time, said on Twitter, “I love Audrey, the miracle I witnessed at that moment, and I love IKEA, who has a broad response after that.”

“It was a miracle-like happening that was really rare in today’s television world.”

Why is the “chair destruction case” handed down? On February 25, comedy critic Larry Toda told J-CAST News that “it was an unforgettable and impressive event for many viewers,” he said.

“Compliance is important on TV these days, and both performers and staff are careful not to cause unexpected troubles or happenings. Multiple insurances are insured to prevent problems. Therefore, most of the programs will proceed smoothly. Under such circumstances, it is impossible in this era to break the chair that the company provided as a gift product by live broadcasting. It ’s a fatal accident. ”

Why did you laugh even though it was a “fatal accident”?

“The chair was reputed to be unbreakable no matter what I did, and it broke immediately after I told him that it broke. Regardless, it makes me laugh for some reason. It’s interesting that it wasn’t the new talent who didn’t know right or left, but Audrey, a talented entertainer who had already established popularity. The incident was a miracle-like happening that was truly rare in today’s television world. “