The journalist Léa Salamé presents "The political program" alongside David ¨Pujadas on France 2. – GUYON Nathalie

Léa Salamé will opt out of the cover of the European elections to "avoid any suspicion of conflict of interest" after the announcement of
 the candidacy of his companion Raphael Glucksmann, indicated its employers France Inter and France Televisions. The journalist, political interviewer in the morning of France Inter, the premiere of France, will withdraw from the antenna of the radio at the end of March and will return Monday, May 27, the day after the poll, according to a press release Inter.

She will not present "The Political Issue" in April and May

This decision was made in full agreement by the 39-year-old journalist and her management, "to avoid any suspicion of a conflict of interest that could affect the image of France Inter and disturb its listeners". In addition, Léa Salamé has also decided to withdraw from the presentation of the Political Emission on France 2 for the time of the campaign, two issues, in April and May, in agreement with the Directorate of Information . On the other hand, it will continue to animate the cultural magazine Amazing!

Other precedents

In 2012, France Inter and the journalist Audrey Pulvar decided to stop his program after the appointment to the government of his companion then, Arnaud Montebourg. In 2006, Marie Drucker, at the time presenter of the Evening 3, had announced its temporary withdrawal from the antenna for the election period due to the revelation by a people magazine of his relationship with François Baroin, then Minister Villepin government. Béatrice Schönberg, married since 2006 to the minister Jean-Louis Borloo, had also stopped presenting the television news of the weekend on France 2 in 2007. Finally, Anne Sinclair had stopped the emission of TF1 7/7 when her husband Dominique Strauss-Kahn was appointed Minister of the Economy in 1997.

In the other direction, journalist and politician, Franck Ballanger of Radio France has stopped covering sports news after the appointment last September of his companion, Roxana Maracineanu, as Minister of Sports.


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