His daughter Santer is accused of changing religions to upload the moment of baptism after breaking up from El Rumi, Marsha Aruan’s mother reveals shocking facts – all pages

Santer Son Accused of Changing Religion Gegara Upload Moment of Baptism After Breaking Up from El Rumi, Marsha Aruan's Mother Reveals Shocking Facts

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Santer Son Accused of Changing Religion Gegara Uploading Baptized Moment After Breaking Up from El Rumi, Marsha Aruan’s Mother Reveals Shocking Facts

GridPop.ID – The beautiful journalist Marsha Aruan has recently been busy in the public spotlight.

Not playing games, El Rumi’s ex-lover is widely accused of having changed religions.

This rumor has circulated since Marsha shared the moment when she was baptized recently.

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The baptism procession took place on Saturday (8/8/2020).

Marsha Aruan uploaded a portrait of her being baptized in a swimming pool on her personal Instagram page @updatemarsha.

This immediately invited various reactions from netizens, including the issue of changing religions which immediately arose.

However, Marsha Aruan’s mother immediately gave an explanation.

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Quoted from Tribunnews.com, Lisa Diana said that her family responded casually.

“We’re just normal. Marsha has also clarified on Instagram,” said Lisa Diana when contacted by the media crew, Monday (10/8/2020).

Lisa Diana admitted that her family did not want to bother with this issue.

Regarding the baptism that had just been performed when Marsha Aruan had grown up, the mother of El Rumi’s former lover said that she had been looking for the right time.

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“From a long time ago, I actually wanted to be baptized, but forgot to forget. But when the time is right, Marsha is ready for everything, yes, for baptism,” he explained.

As is known, Marsha Aruan and her sister were baptized at the same time.

Lisa Diana explained that if the procession was delayed, it was finally carried out smoothly.

He also explained that the baptism process did not change the name of his daughter, Marsha Elizabeth Aruan.

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“Baptism is a great mandate from God’s commandment that if a Christian is, he must be immersed,” said Lisa Diana.

Meanwhile, through an upload on her Instagram page, Lisa Diana is thankful for her daughter who is now ‘born again’ after being baptized.

He presented a portrait of Marsha Aruan, his younger brother and nephew who had just held the procession.

“Today 8 -8 – 2020 We thank the Lord Jesus for the favor of the Lord Jesus

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Today is a special day for my two children @updatemarsha and @michelleearuan and my nephew @stefaniegabriell have done the Great Commission from the Lord Jesus to be immersed in baptism,

Now that you are born again, it is very happy to see him. Let all of your time always glorify the Lord Jesus so that His blessings are poured out on you

Congrats yaa all love u all, “ wrote Lisa Diana.

Not only the mother, the 23-year-old girl also gave her clarification through uploading insta stories.

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He explained why he was only doing the baptism procession now.

“For those who ask, why are you just getting baptized now?

I believe whenever it must be the right time.

I still surrender and just follow God’s wishes.

maybe the right time according to him is now, “ he wrote.

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The Garuda film actor in Dadaku also answered that his religion was in the spotlight.

Marsha revealed that he had never changed religions since he was born.

Marsha Aruan and her mother answered about changing religions


Marsha Aruan and her mother answered about changing religions

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“How come you changed religions?

Hmm? since when did I change religions?

from birth, never moved to move, “ wrote Marsha Aruan.


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