his luxurious Bugatti was hit

June 20, 2022 – 8:28 PM

The Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo is on vacation in Mallorca, Spain, where a few days ago he celebrated the birthday of one of his children, together with his family and friends.

Cristiano Ronaldo arrived in Mallorca on a private plane and, by sea, two of his favorite vehicles arrived on the island, the Bugatti and a Mercedes Benz van.

According to international media, the one who crashed the car was one of the soccer player’s employees, who crashed it head-on into a house near the road, which works as a gas cylinder deposit.

The Civil Guard investigates who was behind the wheel of the vehicle and under what circumstances the accident occurred, which only left material damage.

The incident did not overshadow Cristiano Junior’s birthday celebration, which was held in a luxury estate, equipped with a gym, Jacuzzis, soccer, basketball and beach volleyball courts, as well as a chapel. The house also has a swimming pool, and is surrounded by vineyards and palm trees.

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