His sister now helps Gabi Tóth

According to the signs, popular anger directed against his brother Vera Tóth also finds it hard to bear. There was also a period in their lives when they didn’t speak for months, but now she consciously works to make the public fall in love with her sister, He can – writes a BEST magazine. It is a question of how Vera can help from the background without people getting angry with her.

Gabi Tóth and her sister, Vera – Picture: nlc-montáz, Source of photos: (b): Press room // (j) : Press club

The Tóth girls did not always have a smooth relationship, their roughest argument, which was also published in the press, took place ten years ago. The brother and sister are now really close again, and they can thank Gabi for that two and a half years ago when she became a mother.

“I advised him, ‘Whatever you decide in life, stay true to who you are and stand by yourself and your opinion. But don’t let it happen that if someone you hold in high esteem puts you down, you are immediately influenced by that one person’s opinion – explained Vera Palik on László Palik’s show. As the star magazine notes, perhaps this is precisely the advice that Gabi has now taken. It seems that she listens to her wise sister, because no matter what happens, she stands up for what is right, and this was also evidenced by the In Star I will be a star! in his last two broadcasts.

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