His son is permanently disabled due to the Kenjeran Park incident, the father has not dared to tell his daughter: he must be crying

KOMPAS.com – The incident at Kenjeran Park Surabaya, Saturday (7/5/2022), left S (17) permanently disabled.

S’s father, AMS (48), admitted that he had not dared to tell his daughter about the news.

“Until now I have not told my child about this condition because he is not mentally ready. If he was told he would cry. Not to mention that the environment affected him,” he said, Wednesday (11/5/2022), quoted from East Java Tribune.

AMS said he got the news on Wednesday from a doctor at the Regional General Hospital (RSUD) Dr Soetomo, Surabaya.

“This one child of mine was given the news of permanent disability because both parts of his legs were problematic, God willing, he had to use a wheelchair,” he told Kompas.comFriday (13/5/2022).

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This condition makes AMS think. She is confused and worried about her daughter’s future, especially regarding her child’s education.

Moreover, this year S will graduate from junior high school (SMP) and will enter high school (SMA).

With a different physical condition than before, AMS assesses that their child will need new adaptations, especially mental issues.

“This disaster is quite draining my feelings and my heart, I only think about my son, what about his mentality, I am very worried,” he said.

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