His tweet becomes anti-advertising

His tweet becomes anti-advertising

About the taste of
          Kanye West (41) is arguably excellent. So far, it was mainly about music, sneakers or women, but this time it's really about the literal taste.
In terms of food intake, Kanye apparently located at the fast-food giant McDonald's. For this he did not even make a subtle advertisement on Twitter. "McDonald's is my favorite restaurant" tweeted the rapper the day before yesterday on his profile, The question now is: is this really a compliment when it comes from Kanye West, who is currently known in public perception primarily as a narcissistic, manic Trump supporter?
Just. And of course, the tweet was a template for the social media manager of
          McDonald's competitor Burger King. The official account of Burger King UK recognized the potential and retweeted Kanye McDonald's praise simply saying, "That explains a lot."
The network celebrates this answer with almost 800,000 likes and over 200,000 retweets and calls in the comments a salary increase for the social media manager.

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