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Mauricio Flores is not having a good time, but not only now, but several months ago. Although now the issue is the health of his daughter Danika, who is in serious condition after having suffered a stroke, the health within her family has been a constant concern for some time.

The comedian’s wife, Ximena Toledo, suffers from breast cancer. In November of last year, Flores referred to this issue on Channel 13. “For me it was a blow to the head when they told me that she was sick. She is our pillar”.

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In conversation with “From you to you”, he indicated that “when all this happens, thousands of thoughts went through my head, not to have it again. I really admit that I am a sucker in that sense. I would be nothing without my lady, because she is my ground wire. If she wasn’t there, I might be where I would be”.

Danika hospitalized

Her 25-year-old daughter, a licensed obstetrician, suffered a stroke last Monday that has kept her in a critical state of health.

“We hope that she will get out of this condition soon, she is intubated and sedated”Mauricio explained on his Instagram account. Likewise, he thanked her for her displays of affection and the prayer chains that have been made for her.

“When good people send good vibes and good wishes, it causes a positive reaction, that’s the Law of Attraction. Infinite thanks to all”expressed the comedian in his publication.

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