Hispasat to Provide Ultra-Fast Broadband to 100% of Spanish Territory with UNICO-Rural Demand Program

The final resolution of the program UNICO-Rural Demand awarded this project to the company Hispasat, which will have 70 million euros from European funds to provide ultra-fast broadband connection to the 100% of Spanish territory.

Starting this summer, many citizens will be able to enjoy a connection via satellite in all corners of the country. 35 euros for a 100 Mbps connectionbut for this, we will need equipment capable of covering said connection.

Hispasat satellite Internet, sale to operators and speed doubling


With the arrival of the resolution, we learned some interesting details. Hispasat has finally been chosen as star of this showso you will use your satellite Konnect.

However, Hispasat is still the wholesaler, so already prepares the sale to operatorswhich must pay 16.68 euros per customer, ensuring the user pay a maximum of 35 euros with taxes included.

The initial proposal of the program was to reach 100 Mbps, but this speed will be doubled for next yearreaching 200 Mbps. Of course, it will have some drawbacks: 5 Mbps upload speed and a high latency of 690 ms.

Users will be able to use a maximum of 150 GB per month, when they pass them, they will see how the speed is reduced. Night use that occurs between 1 and 6 in the morning is excluded from this account. They are not the only data of this initiative, and it is that the equipment necessary to enjoy this connection is already known.

Some equipment worth 600 euros

Both the necessary antenna and the router reach a cost of 600 euros, and although the client will see this large financial outlay on his invoice, he should not proceed with the payment because will appear as subsidized.

On the one hand, we have the satellite dish, with a mast anchored to the outside of the dwellings that has a diameter of 74 centimeters (for peninsular and Balearic customers) or 90 centimeters for users in the Canary Islands. A tuner is also required Tria ODU Hughes HA210, that will carry the connection through a coaxial cable inside our home.

Router Hughes
Router Hughes

This is the most advanced router that will provide WiFi 5 and it has four gigabit ports.

On the other side, we will need a router to distribute the connection: Hispasat has a total of four different modelsall support a maximum speed of 200/10 Mbps. However, one of these has somewhat more advanced features with WiFi 5 and four gigabit ports.

As we have been able to observe, the equipment complies with the technical specifications of the program, which wants to bring Internet to emptied Spain. It will be this summer when the season opens and many users can contract this service, with some drawbacks but capable of providing Internet connection wherever we are.

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