History of National Education Day Commemorated on May 13, 2022 Page all – The government has designated May 2 as National Education Day or Hardiknas.

May 2 is the birthday of a pioneer in education, Ki Hadjar Dewantara, who was named a National Hero and Father of National Education.

The reason is, the development of Indonesian education is closely related to the struggle of Ki Hadjar Dewantara as a pioneer in education for indigenous people in the Dutch colonial era.

Therefore, the history of National Education Day is also the history of Ki Hadjar Dewantara in fighting for the education of the Indonesian people.

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History of Ki Hadjar Dewantara

Reported from Kompas.comKi Hadjar Dewantara was born in Pakualaman, Yogyakarta, May 2, 1889.

The man whose real name is Raden Mas Soewardi Soerjaningrat grew up in a rich family and had the opportunity to study in the Dutch East Indies era.

At that time, the policy of the Dutch East Indies only allowed children born in the Netherlands and the priyayi to be educated.

Meanwhile, other natives cannot enjoy the slightest education. This policy was later opposed by Ki Hadjar Dewantara.

His criticism of the colonial government’s policies led to him being exiled to the Netherlands with two of his colleagues, Ernest Douwes Dekker and Tjipto Mangoenkusumo.

The trio became known as the “Triple”.

Returning from exile, Ki Hadjar Dewantara founded the educational institution National Onderwijs Instituut Tamansiswa or Taman Siswa National College on July 3, 1922 in Yogyakarta.

This institution aims to provide the same education rights for ordinary Indonesians, as well as the rights of the priyayi and the Dutch.

In addition to establishing educational institutions, he is also active in writing on the theme of education and culture with a national perspective.

Through his writings, Ki Hadjar Dewantara succeeded in laying the foundations of national education for the Indonesian nation.

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The motto of Ki Hadjar Dewantara

The famous quote from the figure of Ki Hadjar Dewantara is currently used as the motto of Indonesian education, namely “tut wuri handayani“.

In full, the motto in Javanese is “in the presence of sung tulodo, in the middle of building a feeling, tut wuri handayani“.

  • In the presence of sung tulodowhich means “up front, an educator must set a good example or example of action”.
  • In the middle of building a willmeaning “in the midst or among students, the teacher must create an initiative or idea”.
  • Tut wuri handayanimeaning “from behind a teacher must be able to provide encouragement and direction”.

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Father of National Education

Reported from Kompas.comMay 2, 2021, Ki Hadjar Dewantara is the first education minister in Indonesia.

His figure was mandated as Indonesia’s Minister of Teaching in the Cabinet of President Soekarno.

Ki Hadjar Dewantara is also the second National Hero appointed by the President on November 28, 1959 based on the Decree of the President of the Republic of Indonesia Number 305 of 1959 dated November 28, 1959.

Through the decree also, he was designated as the Father of National Education.

Reported from the news Compass DailyMay 2, 1968, Ki Hadjar Dewantara received an award from the government for his services.

He is considered to have pioneered the national education system based on national personality and culture.

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Activities other than education

The father of National Education has worked as a journalist in several newspapers, such as Sedyotomo, Midden Java, De Express, Oetoesan Indies, Kaoem Moeda, Tjahaja Timoer, and Poesara.

He is also active in social and political organizations, one of which is the Budi Utomo organization.

On December 25, 1912, Ki Hadjar Dewantara and his triumvirate founded the Indische Partij.

However, the organization was rejected by the Dutch and replaced it by forming the Bumiputera Committee in 1913.

The committee aims to launch a critique of the Dutch government who intends to celebrate 100 years of freedom of the Netherlands from French colonialism by collecting taxes from the small people.

He criticized the festival through a post entitled “If I Once Were Dutch” (If I Was a Dutchman) and “One for all but also all for one” (One for All, but All for One Too).

As a result of this writing, Ki Hadjar Dewantara was arrested and exiled to Bangka Island. However, he negotiated to be exiled to the Netherlands and allowed by the Dutch.

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Although designated as a national day, May 2 is not a national holiday.

Every May 2, National Education Day is celebrated with a flag ceremony in every educational institution.

However, this year the National Education Day celebration was not held on May 2. The reason is, National Education Day 2022 coincides with the national holiday of Eid al-Fitr 2022.

Therefore, the Hardiknas commemoration ceremony will be held today, Friday, May 13, 2022, according to the decision of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Kemendikbud Ristek).

Technically, the flag ceremony to commemorate the 2022 National Education Day is carried out starting at 08.00 WIB in a face-to-face, limited, minimalist manner, and implements health protocols.

This is an effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19 which has been determined by the government without reducing the meaning, spirit and solemnity of the event.

(Source: Fitriatus Shalihah, Albertus Adit | Editor Rendika Ferri Kurniawan, Albertus Adit)

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