Hit and entanglement of hands and urgent decisions.. what happened in Mohandesi Beach

08:26 PM

Tuesday 31 August 2021

Alexandria – Mohamed El-Badri:

Users of social networking sites shared a video clip that included a quarrel and a tangle of hands between individuals on the beach of the Engineers Club of the Sub-Union in Alexandria, which sparked an interaction.

According to the circulating video, a quarrel occurred between a group of workers at the Syndicate Club beach and a number of beach-goers, during which clashes emerged between individuals carrying deaconess sticks, amid a state of panic among the visitors.

The incident aroused the anger of dozens of members of the Engineers Syndicate and their families, demanding an investigation into what happened and the reckoning of the wrongdoers, while a number of the club’s visitors stated that the incident was not the first to show the abuses of the beach tenants on the club’s beachgoers.

For its part, the Council of Engineers Syndicate in Alexandria issued a statement today, Tuesday, regarding the quarrel that took place on the beach of the Engineers Club in the Saba Pasha area, and the spread of the video on social media, stressing that what happened is an exceptional thing during the current summer season.

Regarding the circumstances of the incident, a statement from the Syndicate of Engineers in Alexandria said: “While one of the engineers’ sons was with his friends on the beach, an argument occurred with beach workers while renting the pedal, and it developed into a tangle of hands and one of the young men was injured.”

The statement added, “The Syndicate Council summoned the police to contain the situation, while the youth refused to file a report on the incident and praised the club’s management position in containing it and preserving their rights, and all necessary legal measures were taken and the necessary investigation of the incident was taken.”

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The Syndicate of Engineers indicated in its statement that the necessary measures were taken towards the beach tenant in accordance with the contract, the termination of the workers’ service and the change of the crew completely, from the beach monitoring unit established for daily monitoring around the clock of the beach and receiving complaints, and it was decided to tighten and increase the security personnel on the beach to stand against any elements that cause riots on the beach. .