Hit and miss edition 2021

Social media

Pools and beaches have always been one more escape every summer for many characters. Year after year, since the press of the heart exists, we have attended the summer inns of many of them. And now, With the expansion of the social network, there is no longer a body that resists showing us their outfits for the dips.

We have dived in the nets to come across the best and worst of the swimwear of this 2021.


1 Lara Álvarez is always an Oasis in the middle of any desert. Be it in Honduras or in its Asturias.


2 A two-color bikini, black and white, or this green and white one, is María Pombo’s top option this year.


3 Pilar Rubio does not need anything to reduce, but her bikinis with containment fabric designed by herself are that interesting.


4 Classic bikini with retro airs. Those of María Castro have their point in almost all their versions.


5 Striped and super fresh, like the summers of yesteryear, it is Ana Guerra’s divine choice. I will forgive his friend Ricky Merino for the black ‘fardahuevos’ because he is cannon.


6 But the best option for boys at any time of the summer will always remain a single-colored shorts like this blue one by Mario Casas.



1 That Alejandro Sanz was testing at home is clear, but ignoring the American eye with these modern ones of now that go with flip-flops and / or crocs with mid-ankle socks to go anywhere. Spooky.


2 The Kim Kardashian thing is always too much. To wear this ridiculous short, it is better not to wear it. The cawboy boots on the beach already kills me, even if the modern ones insist.


3 Cepeda announced a project in this way. Yes, ‘modern’ gays, or so they think, drool over the look. That’s how a churri appears to me at the beach bar and I throw myself into the sea until I drown. I swear.


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