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Hitman 2: We played Ghost Mode, a new multiplayer mode

A few weeks before the release of Hitman 2, we were able to explore the level that is taking place in Colombia to judge the evolution of the title, and seek to identify the novelties. So be honest right now: if you played the first part of Hitman developed by IO Interactive, you will not be disconcerted by this new episode. In terms of gameplay as graphics, we find ourselves more or less face to the same thing. The whole is under control and the possibilities of assassination, infiltration and opportunities are plethoric. The Colombian level is huge and has great surprises for those who think they have seen everything on the Hitman.

Hitman 2

We still regret that the gameplay does not really evolve, and that the graphics remain the same as those of the previous pane. Certainly, we find some novelties, such as the development of actions achievable in adequacy with the costume that Agent 47 wears – it allows to have a quick overview of what not to do, especially – or the involvement of mirrors, which can now reveal your crimes if someone sees the reflection. Nothing, however, seems to profoundly change the gaming experience, which turns out to be very pleasant.

Hitman 2

It must be emphasized however that in only 1h15 of play on a level where three targets are present, it is difficult to note all the subtlety of the challenge, Hitman being as much a game of investigation as of patience. So we hope, at this point, to have some extra surprises on this side in the final version of the game!

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Hitman 2

The goal of this mode is relatively simple: two players are synchronized on the same map – that was Miami – and have to shoot down targets that are walking around. In the game, it is possible to cross the "ghost" of the other player, who evolves on his side. To win a point, you have to shoot down the target so that nobody sees the crime, and no one discovers the body for 10 seconds. The first player who reaches five points wins the game.

If you can change clothes and find accessories in this game mode, there are no strategies and opportunities available as in the classic levels: the key word is the speed, and the seizure of the opportunity. Also know that killing an innocent person instantly drops a point, which can quickly return the outcome of a game.

The Ghost Mode is undoubtedly one of the coolest novelties of Hitman 2. The lifetime proposed by the 6 new levels is already announced, but adding this new multiplayer IO Interactive continues. We can already imagine the frenzied duels that the confrontations between the most skilled players will have, and knowing the maps on the fingertips. A good vintage in perspective!


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