Hitman violated GOG’s fundamental rule and was removed from the store

Hitman Game of The Year Edition was released on September 22nd on GOG.com immediately generating indignation from the store community. The reason? Some components of the game, including Contracts, require a constant internet connection, an inadmissible feature for a store that makes DRM-free its flag.

A DRM-free game must be playable in its entirety even offline, without an internet connection. Unlike story and bonus missions, Elusive Targets, Escalation Missions, and Player-created Contracts require it. In Hitman, you also need to be online to unlock new equipment, starting points for missions and get scores to increase your mastery level. Unforgivable sins for GOG.com users, who have targeted the game with a sea of ​​negative reviews, sinking his score down to 1.4 out of 5, a very low score for a game that has always received critical and public acclaim.

After the launch, GOG intervened by explaining to all unsatisfied players that they were free to ask for a refund, but the spirits have not subsided. As a result, the top management of the digital store decided to rimuovere Hitman – Game of The Year Edition da GOG.com and of to admit that you were wrong: “Thank you for your patience and for giving us the time to investigate the launch of Hitman GOTY on GOG. […] We are still discussing with IO Interactive about the release of the game. Today we remove Hitman GOTY from the catalog – we should never have published it in this form, as you pointed out “.

The doors for the return of Hitman GOTY to GOG are always open, however it would require enormous work (the game structure would need to be heavily modified) that IO Interactive may not be willing to do. We’ll see.

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