Hlaváčová about privacy with Munzar! I was worried about myself as well

They met in 1965 at the National Theater during the preparations for Topol’s play Their Day. He played one of the main roles, she as a student went to the exams together with Milena Dvorská in case she needed to be surprised for someone missing. “Luděk played with my colleague Maria Tomášová. I thought, I’d like a brother like that. Perceptive, kind, “recalls Hlaváčová according to the iDNES.cz website. But she was married and Munzar he was married. “When I saw Jana, those eyes and beautiful lips, I was sorry I was assigned,” Munzar said.

At the time they got together, they had a very difficult period of their life. The actress’ first husband, actor Jiří Michný († 34), with whom he has a daughter Tereza, died of multiple sclerosis. Munzar divorced puppet actress Naděžda Musílková and lost their daughter Johan for many years.

The last applause in the National: This is how Munzar († 85) was escorted to the acting heaven

Although they were united by unfortunate events, their marriages were satisfied. The love of the star couple was sealed in 1971 by the birth of their daughter Bára. “It was not free. I experienced a fall to the mouth at an age when I still had a chance to understand what my life values ​​are and what I need in life. And Luděk basically experienced something similar. So, very injured, we approached each other and valued the qualities of the other, “Hlaváčová recalled after years according to iDNES.cz.

The relationship between Hlaváčová and Munzara was built on mutual understanding. Although the actress had a hard time dealing with one of her husband’s hobbies. Munzar was a car racer and also engaged in sport flying. “I would be very reluctant if someone forbade me or restricted me. Why should I do this? I really liked that even an adult man can remain a ‘boy’. The only thing I had a hard time managing was the fear, “the actress explained her approach.

“I knew he wasn’t a gambler when he flew, so he always said, ‘Look how many people are killed on the road every day.’ But I was also worried about myself. What would I do without him? How could I ever be happy again? “Hlaváčová asked herself then.

Jana Hlaváčová received the award for dubbing:

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