HM San Francisco de León acquires the O-arm intraoperative imaging system


The Hospital HM San Francisco de León has incorporated into its technological arsenal in the surgical area the new generation of navigation systems ‘StealthStation’ and intraoperative imaging O-arm from the company Medtronic.

This technology makes it possible to navigate with high precision, two-dimensional and three-dimensional data, in real time, cranial and spinal pathology interventions, which translates into a substantial improvement in patient safety, given the technological precision.

The medical director of HM Hospitals in Castilla y León, Jesús Saz, highlighted that this new commitment makes León a benchmark in Neurosurgery at the regional level and in neighboring territories, “since the alliance with Medtronic allows us to take advantage of their experience and leadership worldwide, providing operating rooms with state-of-the-art technology that is the most widely used throughout the world, ensuring excellent results. “

Thus, following this new investment, HM San Francisco becomes the first private hospital in northern Spain to have the latest Medtronic intraoperative imaging and navigation technologies, which is expected to be installed during the summer.

One of the advantages of the O-arm system compared to other systems on the market is that it improves patient safety during the intervention, generating fewer risks thanks to its exclusive design with opening and closing of the system around the patient, making it more agile and versatile . In addition, the system offers the possibility and flexibility to support several operating rooms at the same time.

The ‘StealthStation’ and O-arm systems are designed to treat complex and serious spinal pathologies through a minimally invasive approach, reducing hospital stay. Likewise, using this real-time image and navigation technology in the operating room provides maximum precision in each surgery, and allows the optimal placement of the prostheses used for the treatment of vertebral pathology, avoiding reoperations and postoperative radiological tests.

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In addition, the O-arm system reduces the radiation dose by half and allows to acquire a higher three-dimensional volume compared to other systems on the market, which is very useful in spinal surgery.

“We are fortunate to have the best specialists and for this reason it is our obligation to provide them with the most advanced technological equipment, such as the O-arm intraoperative scanner and the S8 intraoperative navigator, and in this way they can offer patients the best possible medical care and always thinking about the safety of the people who entrust their health to us, since O-arm was designed and patented for real use in the operating room taking into account all the details and limitations of a sterile field, something that differentiates it from other existing systems on the market “, points out the medical director of HM Hospitales in Castilla y León.

The O-arm system provides specialists with multidimensional 2D and 3D volumetric images in real time, as well as fluoroscopic images. This allows the surgeon to view the patient’s anatomy in the operative position, monitor the status of the surgery, and check for surgical changes throughout the procedure.